1986 Grey Cup

I just watched the repeat of this game on ESPN Classic and let me tell you this should be required viewing for our current players. Cory Chamblin needs to watch this game film and take some pointers. THIS is how a defense should play. We sacked Dunigan and Damon Allen a total of 10 times and caused something like 8 turnovers. Guys like Covington, Sauve and Zambiasi swarmed the Eskimos like killer bees. When the sideline reporter Steve Armitage asked Covington what they were doing defensively to stop the Eskimos his simple reply was "We just want to win the Grey Cup.... We want it bad." How's that for inspiration and motivation?

The '86 Grey Cup is my first strong football memory. It will forever live in my heart and mind. I was 6 years old but watching the game with my Dad was one of the best times I've had. '99 was good... but '86 was magic for me.

Indeed! As a teen, I saw many Cat teams that could never get over the hump. It was a magic game for Ticat fans to see that defence finally get its due!

Oski Wee Wee,


they should tune into the Vanier Cup. Mac is playing great so far

And just like the '86 Grey Cup, the other team was heavily favoured.

And that Grey Cup game was in that exact same building.

I was 4. I'm always a little bit jealous of slightly older ticats fans, because '99 is really all I've got.