1986 Grey Cup Champs

It was great to see most of the 86 Grey Cup winning team on Saturday night. One thing I would like to see if they are to celebrate another team is to have the Ticat management supply the returning players with jerseys with the players numbers on them.

It really looked unprofessional, more like a last minute thing that was thrown together. It would be easier as a fan to see your favourite players from afar by the jersey they are wearing. Leo Ezerins was the only one wearing a jersey which he probably had from the time or had made. I would really think that the player making their way to Hamilton to join in the festivities at least deserves a new jersey that fits them.

Just my thought at the time and now

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I said the exact same thing to my wife. They should have had jerseys on. Even if all the jerseys were #86, and a name on the back, it would have appeared more put together, and a better tribute for the team.

I agree 100% I was fully expecting to see the players who were present and could attend being introduced with full jerseys with the players number and name on them. I also thought that the whole thing was rather rushed and poorly done to be honest. They could've at least said the players number and position when introducing them instead of just rambling off their names as quickly as possible like they were doing some sort of roll call because they were pressed for time or something. I did watch the replay of the game when I got home and at least the folks on TV got to see a nice sideline interview with Ben Zambiasi talking about that great game , how the players all loved Al Bruno as HC and how his continuity in the roster throughout the decade allowed them to go to 3 Cups in a row, owner Harold Ballard ,the passing of King Clancy , how the team was huge underdogs in that game and how they wouldn't be denied on that day. It would've been nice if perhaps us fans in the stands could've heard this as well instead of just the rushed cattle call of names that we did hear.

Agree on all points bobo82 It seemed rushed and cheap to me. I would really like to see the team do things like this right.

Hamilton Ti-Cats 1986 Grey Cup Champions :smiley: :rockin: Thanks for the memories guys :smiley: :rockin:



^^^^^^^ WELL DONE BOBO! :rockin:

One of my favourite memories from that game (and there were many) was watching Dunigan on the sidelines trying to put his contact lens back in. It had been knocked out (?) by Hamilton's D and his hand was shaking (he was a rookie) so much he just could not do it.

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Love that Bobo82!

Thank you

Bobo 82, you are the man! Thanks for the memories. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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