1986 GC Champ autograph session

Just curious to know if anyone knows which players from the 86 team will be present for this....

You better hope Paul Bennett isn't there. I "remember" something happened the last time you "bumped" into him. :wink:

What happened? :slight_smile:

Anyone know when the autograph session starts exactly? And will it be near the ticket turnstile?

The TiCat splash page says it will commence before the game yet gives no actual specifics..

thanks Hammerfans.

If memory serves me right, they'll probably do the autograph signing outside of the Tigertown Store tent in the Northeast corner of the stadium.

Can anyone shed some light on who is supposed to be attending?

pope, you're a jerk lol. You're like the Perez Hilton of ticats.ca

Im was wondering the same thing, as I know the moderators read these threads. So it might be nice if they can shed some light in this! :thup:

I even checked the Ticat alumni site and didn't find a thing. I'm not asking for a guarantee of who is going to be there, just some idea would be nice.

Hey guys,

Here's the list of players from the 1986 team taking part in the celebration on Friday:

Marv Allemang | Walter Bender | Less Browne | Paul Clatney | Grover Covington | Rocky DiPietro | Mike Derks | Leo Ezerins | Ed Gataveckas | Miles Gorrell | Dan Huclack | Lee Knight | Terry Lehne | John Malinosky | Derek Noble | Mitchell Price | Jason Riley | Mike Robinson | Frank Robinson | Bernie Ruoff | Dale Sanderson | Dave Sauve | Ralph Scholz | Ben Zambiasi

Please note that the list is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise


Nice line up !!...incredible actually ! I have so many great memories of Ticat games in the 80's ! Ivor Wynne Stadium was THE place to be !!

Those play-off games in the snow and sleet are burned into my memory forever!...packed into our seats with snowmobile suits and touques (sipping "soda" out of mickey's stashed in our winter gear added to the fun!) :wink:

Dang those were great times!...pure magic!

8) Where is Mike Kerrigan ???
   I understand he still lives in Chicago !!

The members of the 1986 team will be in the Pre-Game area on the field at Brian Timmis Stadium between 5:30pm and 6:30pm signing autographs.

Sounds fantastic! Best wishes to everyone participating and sharing in the memories!

Oski Wee Wee,


I heard Miles Gorrell doing the colour commentary for the McMaster game on CHML last weekend. He did a pretty good job.

I'm really enjoying the audio clips of Coach Al Bruno on the CHML newscasts this morning from a new telephone interview they did.