1986....2009 is it a repeat ?

History...does from time to time, repeat itself.

In 1986 our Cats won the last five games to get to the Grey Cup.
Correct me if I'm wrong....but as my memory recalls, our Cats beat Montreal in the Eastern Final ( 5th win )
to go on to play and win, in 86.
Not to take the Lions lightly to-day.....but if the Cats win and go to the Final next week in Montreal and win.
That will be 5 wins in a row....to get to the Grey Cup.
And history again....will have repeated itself.
( Just a pleasent thought...on game day.)

GO CATS :thup:


Well you would be wrong. Montreal in fact was out of the league at that time. Our opponent was in fact the Toronto Argonauts whom we beat in a thrilling 2-game total point contest 59-56. It was especially memorable by the fact that Hamilton had to overcome a huge point deficit going into the second game at home.

We actually beat the Argos in a 2 game total point series.

We got blown out at IWS only to come back and win the series 59-56 in Toronto.

31-17 Toronto
42-25 Hamilton

I was at both those games... what a roller coaster ride that was for Cat fans!!

I may be wrong here but I think that the Concordes/ Alouettes left the league in 87 and the reason that the Cats and Argos met twice was it was the infancy of the crossover. Four of the five western team made the playoffs of but the play stayed in the west with 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3 and the winners playing for the right to go to the Grey Cup. Ottawa Roughriders and the Montreal Concordes.

Eventually the Cats beat the Eskies 39-15 to win the Cup

You're right trailerparkboy. And, I believe the reason that "crossover" plan was put to rest after '86 was because it penalized, in a fashion, the first place Western team by making it play a semi-final instead of getting a bye.

Not sure why "Ottawa Roughriders" (should be a space in there and two capital R's) "and Monteal Concordes" are in there?

I remember when we got into the Grey Cup that year versus Edmonton. I was going to Mohawk, and many of the students there were NOT from Hamilton, and knew I was a big Cats fan....they were hounding me all week, telling me the Grey Cup was going to be a blowout....when I came in on the monday, victorious, I said.....wow! how did you know it was going to be a BLOWOUT? Amazing!

"shutup!" was the response :smiley:

That was an amazing year. That East Final vs. the Argos we not only were beaten badly in the first game, but we fell further behind in the second before mounting that incredible comeback win. In the GC game, we were underdogs by four touchdowns, Edmonton was supposedly invincible. In the first half we held them to -4 yards in total offence. Afterwords, Hugh Campbell said we had taought him how to prepare for and play a Grey Cup. Awesome.

Sorry I meant to say that the Rough Riders and Concardes missed the playoffs that year.