1985 Tiger-Cats

I've been looking through a copy of the 1985 Canadian Football Guide, here what it said about the Tiger-Cats.
Doing things the hard way,1984 finish 6-9-1in East,fifth overall,Grey Cup finalist.
Strengths:Decent linebacking strong kicking adequate running game
Weaknesses: two inexperienced back-up QBs porous offensive line no speed at receiver position holes in defensive secondary
1985 consensus Fourth in East, Ninth overall.

Seems I remember we went to the Grey CUP!

We went into that season with Jeff Tedford and Pete Gales as our top 2 QBs.

Then everyone learned who Ken Hobart was.

1986 Hamilton Tiger-Cats under Al Bruno; Big time sipped from Lord Grey's mug winning 39-15 over Edmonton in Van.
1985 Tiger-Cats were first in the east I believe.

Didn't read the thread properly; Hamilton did go to the Cup in 85 and the Lions won 37-24. I've had a few cold ones. :?

Indeed. The Cats were 8-8 and first in the East.


Oski Wee Wee,


The guide has the roster as of May 2 1985 it has John Rooney also listed as a QB.Another name on the roster is Scott Collie WR 6.01 190 21/04/60 Brigham Young.Austin Collie of the Colts dad?


Draft choices for the '85 Cats:
round 1 Jed Tommy RB Guelph
round 2 Lance Thompson LB Carleton
round 3 no pick
round 4 Dale Sanderson C Tennessee
round 5 Glen Miller SB McGill
round 6 Lance Harry OG Concordia
round 7John Lepore RB Guelph
round 8 Brian Bone WR Western
round 9 Sean McKenna LB McMaster