1985: 1-6

I remember 1985 for the 'Cats vividly. I was in high school but bled black & gold (regardless of my high school colours).
The team started out 1-6 when a new QB came to town via a trade with Edmonton. Hamilton gave up a starting Offensive Lineman, whose name escapes me now, for Ken Hobart.
I remember reading an article in the Spec about Hobart's first day at practice. A fellow player was watching Hobart throw and he threw an out into the stands. The veteran couldn't believe they gave up a staring Offensive Lineman for a QB that was obviously erratic...
Anyway, Hobart became Hamilton's #1 QB and he started every game. Ken Hobart was never a pretty QB. He looked like he couldn't throw but he could run like Jimmy Edwards....All Hobart did was win, through grit, determination and athletic ability. Hamilton got on a roll and miraculously made it all the way to the Grey Cup Game. Hamilton lost 37-24 but man, what a run by Hobart in the game and what a comeback by the team!

All I'm saying is, there's 10 games left in the 2007 season. Play with heart & guts & smarts and Hamilton fans will fall love with you Timmy Chang. We really really really want you to be our QB. Just like Hobart.

Good one, quess there may be hope afterall...

Well, not too VIVIDLY I guess. Ken Hobart started the fourth game that season against the Montreal Concordes which the Tiger-Cats won bringing their record to 1 and 3. They proceeded to lose their next three outings with Hobart as the starting quarterback bringing their record to 1 and 6. Why bring up facts on a feel good story anyways? The 'Cats ended up 8 and 8, good enough for first place in the East and a trip to the Grey Cup game.

Hobart didn’t come from Edmonton during the season, he was in training camp here. I specifically remember him completing zero passes in the black and gold game. And thinking, “well that guy’s cut”.

No disrespect to Breeze, but it is
the pope who has the facts. Trust me. :slight_smile:

The pope didn't say anything about Edmonton.

He can probably tell you who started the first 3 games.

The pope is the supreme authority on these things, JFL.

I didn't disagree with pope at all. I was correcting Breeze, who said Hobart came from Edmonton.

I'll tell you Jeff Tedford started the first three games, with Pete Gales as backup. I think. It may have been the other way around for some games.
I don't remember exactly which game it was where they decided to go with Hobart, but if pope says is was game 5, I have no reason to doubt that.

Its strange to think back to the 80's at this point. Back when we had a good team and Calgary was the worst team.

I think its interesting how teams have eras.

Nice stuff guys... Tedford & Gales...Oh my god...

The pope is going to tell me about Hobart?

Sorry boys but Ken Hobart was acquired via a trade with the Eskies...

That might be true, but if it was, it was before the season.

Time to set the record straight folks. Tedford started the first three games of the season and Gales only backed him up for the first game (then he was gone). Although he never played for the Eskimos, we acquired the rights to Hobart in a pre-season trade with Edmonton by sending offensive lineman Ross Francis out west. At the end of the season our starting quarterback was Ken Hobart and the back-up was Tom Porras.

The "Pope" has the "Dope" ... well done recalling that transaction