1983 Grey Cup Telecast

Hi, I am a former Argo cheerleader looking to get a video copy of the 1983 Grey Cup champion game telecast from BC Place Vancouver Stadium November 27 1983. Can anyone help me with this request? Thanks!!!

Try CBC Station thay should have a copy of that game in their library or Maybe the Lions would have a copy. But I would try the first one first as they sometimes run a Grey Cup game from the past during Grey Cup Week. Hope this helps and good luck.

CBC would have it but would you be able to get a copy of a game from them ? I think the Lions burned their copies of that game a long time ago. But they will have the '85 game for sure.

Nobody could find a copy (unless it was bootlegged) of the Overtime Grey Cup game from 2005, so I doubt the CBC would give you one that old…but…give it a try!

ESPN classic Canada plays old reg season and Grey cup games every tuesday night

i just might have it on beta , i'll let you know soon.

send you a p.m.

Thanks for your suggestions. I already tried the CBC. CBC wont copy from their archives - not their policy. I'll wait to hear from sirlaxalot.

hi christine.i've got it. send me an email, i guess mine didn'tget thru to you . jondowle@yahoo.ca