1978 Alouettes Autographed Football- mint condition

How much is a 1978 Alouettes autographed football, in MINT condition worth? I won it at the President's Club in the Olympic Stadium. Never been out of plastic bag. E-mail me at merrilldd@yahoo.ca or text 506-443-2523. Picture soon.40 years ago. A collector's treasure.

That sounds me a lot!

I'll pay the cost to courier it to me (LOL)

If you can, try and take your time selling it. It is a small niche of collectors for Alouettes stuff but they will pay prime dollars for these types of mint and rare items.

My guess it could fetch from 750.00 to 5000.00 dollars depending on what names are on the ball, not a very desirable year compared to 77 but there are probably less than a handful of these 78 balls around.

Your best bet would be to consign it to Classic Auctions in their next auction. They would be able to assign a value based on history with similar items.

Here is a sample page from their current auction - you can see a couple of Grey Cup rings as well as a CFL bobble head collection.

WTF, is this "Antiques roadshow" now?! :slight_smile:

If you get no takers, Johnny will give you $50 and a 12 of Labatt 50.