1974 Grey Cup

The 62nd Grey Cup was played on November 24, 1974, before 32,450 fans at Empire Stadium in Vancouver. This was the last Grey Cup game played at Empire Stadium.

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Great to see this has pre & post game.

Oddly, the 1974 game is missing the last part of the second quarter and all of the 3rd. However, the ESPN classic Canada version that's posted in youtube as I type this appears to have the missing 2nd quarter footage and has an edited huddles version of the 3rd.

I'll ask - does anyone have a full, complete copy of the 1974 Grey Cup? Happy to work on getting it swapped in!

I don’t and to my knowledge it’s not in the trading hobby. However TSN must have it as my understanding is that was the missing footage that stopped a classics version from being broadcast back in the 2000s. There are two classics broadcasts on YouTube at the moment if that’s at all helpful.