1968 Grey Cup - Youtube Funny Part

This is funny. OK, Sunday nothing to do.

Went to youtube.

CFLfan#31 has a ton of old Grey Cups.

Was watching the 1968 Grey Cup Ottawa - Calgary.

In the 4 qtr, at 1:59, a drunk happy fan ran on to the field in between the huddles.

The clown is creamed by Stamps Don Luzzi , then grabbed by the scruff of the jacket and dragged like a sack of oats
into the waiting arms of Toronto's finest.

Not a long scene , but it was the good old days , when players " took care of things ".

You invade our field - we deal with it , type of outlook.

Sounds like quite a knee slapper.

I just watched it and can say I cant wait until the turf gets torn up like that again...SCREW TFC!!!!
Mighty ant is apparently asking for a transfer, so he wont be able to blow his knee out on a huge Argo divot.

It is in black and white, so I can not tell who the fan is for.

Both Stamps and RRider fans were in cowboy hats .

I have no love for MLS and mostly TFC .

However, keep in mind that if the turf gets torn up, it hurts the Argos as much as the TFC.

How does it hurt the Argos? You ever consider the Argo bounce was actually caused by divots in the natural grass? The Argos lost their bounce when they started playing on artificial turf.
Truth be told, TFC fans arent anal about their stupid pitch because it would effect their team. A shreded pitch would actually be home field advantage if TFC played all of their home games on it and became experts at it. The reason they get all of their panties in a bunch is the amateurish feel that would arise from a shreded pitch with(gasp) gridiron lines on it.

Cool this Grey Cup game brought back some memories, I being 12 years old then was all wrapped up (disappointed) in the Jackson pitch-out bobbled/bounced to Vic Washington on the run for a huge major.

When you have a chopped up field, it takes the skilled players away from skill.
The fast receivers do not have regular traction and running backs do not make normal cuts.
Regardless of the type of footing used.

Remember the sludge they used to play in Edmonton ?

Actually it was Ottawa who had a pretty chewed up field until about 1981 when they went to astroturf. Edmonton's field was one of the nicest grass fields in the world right up until about 2000 or so before it started declining, but was never sludge.

Why did no one post a link? I like the wat the QB spins before the hand off. Thr players probably font practice enough to time yhis correctly nowadays..lol.


In the summer, it was the best natural grass field in NAmerica .

The problem was the fall with rain or snow. That is when it became a mess.

The Eskimos were smart to know what type of footing to wear when the elements kicked in.

The footing they used to gain better traction then carved up the field.

Now why did I not think of that ? :roll:

Thanks Bungle. Good job :thup:

Anyone can FFWD to 1 hour 59 min, for the hit :smiley:

If you run on the field, best not to run in between 2 huddles.

Get clocked for sure. :thup: