1967 Grey Cup - The Funny Part

Some trivia here.

In 2004 Rogers Sports Net broadcast 5 games.

Scraps not picked up by either CBC or TSN.

It was an experiment for both the CFL and RSN

Jamie Campbell - Play BY Play
Grant Carter - Color

Roger Millions - Sideline - West
Jim Lang - Sideline Tor

BTW, no BS

Yup, when CTV bailed on CFL games, the CBC didn’t want to broadcast them all so the league started it’s own broadcast company and called it CFN. They did the broadcast themselves, bought their own airtime on independent-ish channels (mostly global affiliates - maybe even all global) and sold their own advertising.

Roughly half the games were CBC and the other half (that otherwise would have been CTV) were CFN.

The Grey Cup continued as a simulcast on both networks as it had been for years but I do remember the classic '87 game (Esks/Argos) flipping between the 2 that the colors looked a bit darker on the CFN feed. I can’t remember but they may have had their own graphics (bumper scoreboards, stat fonts etc) as well.

You are so, so young...

My apologies. I don't remember the CFN, only CBC, CTV before TSN. No I'm not too young.
(actually watched the 72 Grey Cup)

Also to add is the final score,

Roughriders -1
Tiger Cats - 24

And the three, yes, count 'em, three quick kicks. Never see those anymore.

Loved the way the Ticats came out of the huddle. Fast to the line, down for a split second, and immediate snap. No time for the defence to read the lineup.

Superior D.
Including the 67 Cup, those Cats went 6 straight games without giving up a TD.
Amazing :thup: