1967 Grey Cup - The Funny Part

So last night, I got on you tube and watched this.
Something I miss about the modern CFL era is no more Miss Grey Cup.

During segment 3, at 4.47 the are interviewing Miss Ottawa RR / Grey Cup. Julie Dixie. apx 22
Ms Dixie was asked about the outcome of the game.
She replied with Ham has a good D, but I am pulling for the West because " I do not like Hamilton"

BOOM, that is what I like to hear. TRASH TALK from Miss Grey Cup.
Wow that little cutie would be about 70 years old now.

Anyway as for the game. Black and white.
The 66 game was in color, yet from 67 - 70 the GC's were black and white.
Anyone out there with CBC / CTV broadcast production history knowledge know why ?
I know the 66 game was in the W then 67-70 was in the E. Should not have anything to do with it though.

Just wondering.

Probably more to do with the medium they were recorded on as opposed to not broadcasting in colour.

a lot of traditions were lost over the years..

it's pretty sad really.

Yes, along with the Grey Cup parade and the Ottawa Rough Riders uniforms and helmets. The CBC and CTV joint GC TV presentations .Classic Canadiana

We lost Miss Grey Cup to “political correctness” I’m surprised the PC crowd haven’t tried to stop cheerleaders too.
But it is a thing of the past like marching bands at a half time show instead of rock or hip hop bands.
I don’t think they served beer in stadiums in Ontario back in the 60s.

Dunno but maybe it was more in vogue during that period of time to ask, " Um who are the blacks and who are the whites rather than who are the colours." Just a thought.

I started cheering for sask in 66 because the first game I ever watched, they were the white uniform team

Back then it was decreed by a Parliamentary Order that both national networks televised the Grey Cup live. That was to ensure that no Canadian was deprived from being able to watch the big game. When TSN was launched, they basically took over CTV’s role with the CFL and the Act requiring CTV to broadcast the game were moth-balled.

According to this account of the game it was broadcast in both colour and black & white.


Moth balled? TSN bought all television rights from the CFL until 2022 and that includes the Grey Cup

Just might point something out.

The CTV role ended in 86. CFN ( 87- 90 ) took over for them.
TSN started in 87, but only did a small amount of games . The scraps left over if you will.

It was 91 when TSN took over from CFN full time.

Just for the record


Canadian Football Network

Dave Hodge and Bob Irving were the play by play guys
Neil Lumsden and Nick Bastaja were the color guys

No sideline reporters were used.

The CFL developed it. Did not have it's own channel.
They broadcast it through what in now known as Global.

Also during the 4 years CFN , broadcast the Grey Cups. 87 - 90

However , it was not a split share like CBC - CTV.

CFN did their own. Fans would then choose to watch the GC either on CBC or CFN

BTW, TSN has the rights to CFN games. They are shown all the time on the Classic Channel.

I call bs on CFN

Call away. They kept the CFL on TV when no network was interested. Low budget production but Bob Irving was an excellen play by play caller.

try doing some research.

its really not hard


why u call bs??,,,,I remember dave hodge doin play by play well,,,it was broadcast on ch11 in Hamilton,,,,from the 89 cup I believe they did their own broadcast from cbc doin theirs


one of my vids earl winfields 4 tds 88 labour day,,,on the cfl network


Don't whether it's true or not because it is on wikipedia

Info from Canadian Communications Foundation:

[url=http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.html?url=http%3A//www.broadcasting-history.ca/sportsonradioandtv/CFL_The_TV_Years.html]http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/inde ... Years.html[/url]