1965 Evanshen, Danychuk, Fairholm and Gibbon

Hey all,
Here's a real oldie. In 1965 the Als got 4 players who were protected for them in territorial rights that graduated from American universities that were to play for them that year giving the Als great hopes.

They were flankers Terry Evanshen and Mike Gibbon, offensive lineman Bill Danychuk, and defensive HB and backup punter Larry Fairholm.

Evanshen played in 1965 for the Als, won the eastern rookie award (Gruen trophy), then got traded to Calgary in 1966 for DT Tony Pajaczowski, where Evanshen became a star. We got Evanshen again from 1970 to 1973.

Bill Danychuk never played for us a we lost him to Hamilton in a trade or territorial dispute. I can't remember which. He played for Hamilton for over 10 years. A big loss for us.

Mike Gibbon played with us from 1965 to 1969 and was merely average at best with periods of mediocrity.

Larry Fairholm was an Al from 1965 to 1973, was an all-star and the defensive captain. I always felt he was that important to us that his number should have been retired.

Have I jogged any memories ??


Fairholm was a defensive back and Evanshen was out of Darcy Mcgee high school in Montreal. The Als sent him to semi pro ball in Maine for seasoning then he begame a first string wide receiver the next year,

And not only were Evanshen and Fairholm darn good players, they were class acts as well.

Terry Evanshen also quarterbacked the Rosemount Bombers from Montreal to the 1960 Canadian Junior Football Championship.

AHH Memories !!

Here a few more facts from 1965. Evanshen not only won the eastern rookie award, he was also a league all star. Another league all star was defensive end John Baker (who was also a rookie).

Bernie Faloney finally played QB for the Als in 65 and won the Jeff-Russell trophy.
The great George Dixon retired, and the Als coach, Jim trimble was fired.

So many memories...