1963 TiCat Grey Cup Win

I went to the used tube and watched a 15 - 20 minute highlight video of the Mosca hit on Fleming, the Patterson 72 yard TD catch and run . The Joe Kapp led Lions were stifled by Mosca , Barrow , Kuntz , Neumann , Ceppetelli, Goldston , Zuger , Henley, Karcz, Gossaage, Cannavino, and Sutherin .
Willie Bethea , Art Baker, Tommy Grant, and of course Bernie Faloney were outstanding on the O .

Pat Lynch (the 63 Cats were a great team)

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"Those were the days, my friend" -- our 3rd straight Grey Cup game, 6th in 7 seasons, and 3rd win in 11 years. I agree, Pat, a great team, overshadowed, in the big game, by the controversial Mosca hit on Fleming.