....reading the CFL home-page....i just read the take they had on the Fog Bowl.... which took 2 days to play ...because the fog was as thick as pea soup...The author of the article had a definite slant from a Ti-Cat perspective...i remember it a little different....I believe the Bombers were down 14 zip in that one before we started to play....Ploen finally got us going...and Leo Lewis ( the cats' still have night-mares about Leo, lol .) ran for a couple of tds. and threw for one on an option play....He was Mr. Bomber as far as i was concerned ...No. 29 could do it all....We sure didn't care for the Cats of those years....Stuff like how they were going to 'waffle' us....Their coach had some gems...Bud Grant just went about his business and we kicked their 'can'...Great days for the BigBlue...pardon me for getting a little nostalgic... :slight_smile:

nice post.

…thanks bigcanadiano…It sure would be nice to have our present-day team reach the status we had in the ‘day’…i think we need a little work…Re-reading that home-page post on the fog bowl…i get the feeling from the article, the cats are still wondering what happened to them, in that one…It’s simple really …their very-good team. got beat by a better one… :lol: Go-BigBlue :rockin: :rockin:

Yes papa. you are correct. It was Jim Trimble the Ti-cats coach who was doing all the yapping the week prior that they were going to waffle the Bombers.

...yeah it was Trimble.....i still get the feeling sometimes, that arrogant sentiment ,still prevails in the east....I remember quotes by some of those media people of those days....like quote' what makes those guys in that little berg Wpg. think they can compete with our mighty Cats.'.....heh heh....Those kind of statements, work to get fans riled-up and a team to play at the top of their game....and you know what ...it sure worked, and propelled a Bombers team to a Grey Cup....maybe the latest edition of the BigBlue ,needs a few insults thrown their way....I notice coaches hesitate to go down that road anymore......Nothing like lessons of the past... :lol: :lol:

Today everybody wants to be politically correct. I remember days leading up to a game there was a lot of yapping by some players and coaches. This got the fans all worked up and built the intensity level up. You could feel the static in the air leading up to the game. Some of that has been lost. Players and coaches are told not to say anything to the media and are fearful of fines by the league. Yes. Those were the days. Also the 1962 Grey Cup was the first Grey Cup game televised to the U.S. on ABC.