1961 CFL player cards

I was recently given an almost complete set of CFL player cards from 1961. Only one card missing and not a big name player. These cards are in excellent shape, and include big names like Joe Kapp, Ron Lancaster, Johnny Bright, Tommy Jo Coffey, Cookie Gilchrist to name a few. There are 132 cards including the checklist.
I am an old time CFL fan but was never one to collect anything. Is there a market for these things?? Anyone interested, please let me know. I was trying to attach a picture of of some, but have not figured it out yet. If you can tell me how to do that, I'll attach some, if I don't get it to work this time.


Here is a link to my scan of two of the cards.


Very Cool!!!!

:rockin: :thup:

Impressive, arguably the 2 greatest legends in CFL history considering their contribution as a player, coach and administrator. The greatest player in history in my opinion and of course Lancaster wearing the Rough Riders 16, not the familiar Roughriders 23.

I probably had these as a kid but unfortunately these cards in my generation would be sacrificed in my bicycle spokes. If we only knew. :roll: :cowboy:

Me too, sniff.

....Ah yes...the old 'peg the card to the spokes trick'....Little did we know, that the clicking sound that made, was the sound of money going down the drain AND the defacing of some CFL icons that could have been in somebodys collection....Bad mistake of the time but the gum was good :lol:

My recollection is that the gum was always stale and the flavor might have lasted for about 6 chews.