1956 CFL All-Star Game film

This is just outstanding, approx. 30 minutes. Some observations:

  1. Really weird seeing the 7 or 8 yard drop back in punt formation - then the announcer said Jim Trimble had formulated the special drop. 'plained everything - Hang Down Your Head Jim Trimble!

  2. Cookie Gilchrist - one of the greatest runners in NFL/CFL/NCAA history was totally held in check. I suspect Cookie enjoyed the night before in Vancouver's Red-Light district.

  3. Frank Tripucka - the western all-star QB is really, really good. Bigger man than I envisioned.

  4. Lots of old Rider-Fans in the endzones scrambling for souvenir pigskins - just like riderfans - most have bad hands but big mouths!

  5. Bud Grant, one of the greatest athletes to ever play pro football (and a future hall of fame coach) is one helluva receiver; recovers a bobbled punt in endzone, catches a long one from Tripucka and evades tacklers.

  6. Loved Gordie Rowland's spunk as an all-star DB and punt returner.

From the 1956 All-Star game at Exhibition Stadium, Vancouver, BC a December all-star game.


Thanks! Before my time but it was fun to watch.

Is that QB number 60? Wow! That guy can really toss a football. :thup:

Gordie Rowland certainly rings a bell with me. A Montrealer who was a career Bomber.

Back in the day my dad was a season ticket holder at Molson Stadium, and after games kids could run on the field and ask players for chin straps (but not jock straps!). I remember getting one from Gordie Rowland.

Not every player would give them up, but the only guy I remember barking at me for asking was little Ron Stewart.