1950 Grey Cup aka The Mud Bowl

Now who was this player that almost drowned in
1950 Grey Cup???

FOG BOWL next to study….

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I learned that BROOMBALL shoes can be a good thing to outfit a potential Grey Cup team into a winner too.

Yeezys and Air Jordan’s have nothing on variety of styles of broomball shoes!

Could be the next big thing down here …..


Stevie Tom Casey did not mess around!

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I never played broomball but played lots of sponge hockey. The shoes are the same. They’re pretty heavy so maybe okay for lineman. They are meant to be used on a hockey rink so they have little suction cups on the bottom.


And these post modern CFL fans think that Calgary Stampeder’s striped uniforms are hideous.

Check out these about to come back UNIs!!!

Is that an upside down trinity down yonder?

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The head coach was smarter than Oppenheimer!

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I’m jealous!!!

I wish I was Canadién!!!!!

I read Lou Cahill lost one of The Grey Cup’s cause he choose to outfit his team in cleats.
Meanwhile the opposition had


LC Greenwood didn’t have Jack, Bo diddly on that with his spray painted gold Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops!

or was it Adi Dassler’s???


You know he did play with one of
The BIG TEX’s!!!!!

Mean Joe Greene

My Mamma knew him

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No wonder why JC Watts & David Overstreet had a helluva of time playing in

That cat from Spiro, Oklahoma
Philly’s Temple University was the man too!

I may need to write a book about this!!

THE CFL makes Bill Veeck,

One of the reasons why I luv
The CFL,
I can watch every game,
every week!

“It’s possible, it’s possible!!!!”

Now I understand Dunnigan.

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Looks like Neptune’s trident.

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Y’all got an awesome nation and great football.

I forgot who f$&@ Dallas Cowboys are!

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The first play of that tape on 1950 Grey Cup has one of the greatest ways to fully run a

I love VEER & WISHBONE football

I can’t load the video I took.
too big of a file.

They ran Triple-O all way out
Hit handoff after 5 yards
Pitch after 10 yards,
50+ yard

One of the punts in
The 1950 Grey Cup,
actually hit the referee on his NOGGIN!


I’m trying to identify some great Wing T TRAP plays.

Unfortunately the best in American Football are done at high school level

Pulling guards etc.

I’ve ID’d the player that almost drowned at
The 1950 GREY CUP.


He was knocked out unconscious into one of the largest quagmires on the pitch …….

Are you sure y’all how to market

It’s not charcoal, lemonade, let BBQ get cold, tease your TSN coworkers, they gripe about being “hungry”, and then “Sara” wouldn’t even eat it hot,
She won’t even shake running back’s hand!!!!

To hell with TSN’s “fancy” BBQ, “I’m hungry”, pundits make fun of each other with weak hate, and then

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Just a good thing that Luke doesn’t eat pork

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I believe it was Wpg's Buddy Tinsley

Love it that you know Bill Veeck. He was in a clas by himself. Read book Veek as in Wreck .. it's funny. And then read his other book The Hustlers Handbook or How to Outsmart Branch Rickey. Bill owned the White Sox for the second time in the 70s. The Bluejays first game April 6th was against Verk's Sox and as I was a big fan of Bill's I was thrilled. My late Bride and I paid $8.75 each to sit right at first base at old Exibition Stadium. It had snowed and they used a Zamboni to clear snow off the field. When it came time to present the lineup cards Bill accompanied his Catcher but had him strap his knee pads to his feet and use 2 bats as ski poles and ski on the snow to home plate ! Hilarious.. Jays won 13 - 11 I believe and hero was Otto Valez who hit a dinger. Dave McKay a Canadian played 3rd all that year and was a crowd favourite. Then if Bill wasn't nutty enough ( great frequent guest on Johhny Carson) there was Umpire Ron Luciano who did crazy things on the field and wrote a book called The Umpire Strikes Back. Then Oriels's mgr Earl Weaver who would protest a call by kicking dirt at the Umpire and get thrown out a lot. What great times and characters. Remember pitcher Mark Fidrich who would talk to the ball before throwing ? Now it's all about $$

We can’t forget Bill “The Spaceman” Lee and Dock Ellis throwing a no hitter while on LSD.

Keep em coming !
Characters all :joy:

When Veek owned the Sox in the late 50s he had a bunch of "squibbler" hitters so he had the outfield wals on wheels and would move them in when Sox batted and out when rhe opposition was up to bat. There wasn't any written rule against it so he kept it up until the league stopped him.

And one night we were at a game and Dave McKay hit a liner down third but Umpire Ron Luciano called it foul and the whole crowd went crazy. Later the Jays hit one in the same place. Luciano ran over to the baseline, looked up at the crowd and yelled to us " you call it"
We naturally called fair ball and good old Earl Weaver Baltimore mgr went squirrely, ran out on the field and kicked dirt on Ron and got ejected. Ron had a habit when Umpiring first base of making like a machine gun when it was obvious the batter was out. One night the Red Sox were in town and Carl Yastremski was just barely able to play his legs were so bad. He hit a squibbler and Ron gave him the machine gun routine. Carl limped into first well behind the throw and went ballistic. Ron said that Carl was incensed because Ron was making him look bad in front of thousands in the crowd. Ron didn't eject him and apologised.