1915 Tigers Grey Cup champs! 13-7 win over Toronto at Varsit

This was a great battle that changed the game forever! They wouldn't play the cup again for 5 yrs and it cemented the rivalry between the two cities.

Changed the game forever? I think the game changed forever when we adopted American rules in the 1930s and allowed the forward pass, the line of scrimmage, US players.
Up until then the game was basically Rugby with leather headgear.

This was the team that put the 08' plaque on the original base, this was the team that defined hard nose defence in steeltown and this was the game that raised the ire of Toronto fans to start the animosity we so enjoy today. I dont think you can blame the Americans for the forward pass either. That was a younger generation bringing inevitable change. There were detractors on both sides of the border. Thats why Rugby is still preserved and played today. They eventually became two seperate sports.