19 Hours and slowly counting!

1:30 PST can't come quick enough. I just want to see some head to head football between the 2 top West teams. Have a feeling I won't be able to sleep too well tonight from all the anticipation, not the fear as Riders fans will say.

It's gonna be a packed house and the place will be rockin. Get your butts down to the Dome and show your Lions ROAR.

Good luck in the game tomorrow amd may the best team win. I'm hoping to see a very good close game. :thup:

Trust me LB, I wont be sleeping tonight because of the fear. Many of us in Sask shouldn't be sleeping because of fear mixed with some anticipation. You guys are the best and the defending champions. You have earned the right to play the west final at home this year once again. Congrats to that! I'm praying for a great game but tonight will be a very short sleep and hopefully tomorrow night will be another night of no sleep and not because I would be crying in my pillow for the second straight year but to celebrate a birth into the grey cup :twisted: :twisted:

Best of luck to you guys! Hope the game lives up to all the hype. May the better team win!!

ditto =)

I haven't been able to sleep b/c of mixed emotions. I reeeeeeealllly want to see the Leos win the cup, but I really don't wanna see Jason Jimenez engraved on the List.

...but the closer and closer it gets to game time, I start thinking about #12 and him leading the Lions on to a 2-peat... I'm starting to crack.

But really much respect to you, Dust and all the other polite and level-headed citizens of the RiderNation for coming by...

Here's to a great game: Long Live the Canned Noise!!!

6 hours till kickoff.


I have to work all Sunday long. I would have phoned in sick if it wasn't for doing that last week.

My girlfriend will be recording the BC/SSK game but I will miss the TO/WPG game.

I cannot believe I have to miss games. What kind of place of employment expects their employees to work during playoffs anyways?

C'mon thryllin, don't be such a wuss.

For Grey Cup 1994, I cut my finger on purpose after calling in sick the week before to watch McManus to Flutie in frozen cowtown!

What's a little blood for the good ol' CFL...

Long Live the Canned Noise!!!


Getting ready to go now.

It's clearing up here (outskirt of Vancouver)...the tailgate Gods are with us.

Let's go Lions...another WF at home - could life get any better?

how do you like me now ???