1898 Ottawa Rough Riders Championship Gold Pendant & Pin

After watching the Grey Cup game this past weekend and getting a little nostalgic for past Ottawa championships (especially 1976), I came across a recent auction for an 1898 Ottawa Rough Riders Championship Gold Pendant & Pin. I have never seen any type of Ottawa Football memorabilia from this far back in Ottawa Rough Rider history before. It would be great if a local Ottawa sports historian could pick it up, or the CFL Hall of Fame to keep it in Canada. I have no idea whether it is authentic or not. Take a look at the description on the auction page as to the details on how the scores are displayed on the pin. The button is also pretty interesting too.


Here's the auction and descriptions for each of the items:


Very cool. Thanks for posting that. Another good reason why the Rough Rider name should be brought back. The Bulldog 'Bill" mascot intrigues me. Maybe if they can't use Rough Riders they can go with the Ottawa Bulldogs. Just a thought.

Yeah the Bulldog thing seems to have been used quite a bit back around that time. I have seen many late 1800s/early 1900s Ottawa FC team pictures with the Bulldog present.

As to the name, I'd still prefer Rough Riders, but maybe we can make "Bill" the new mascot - no offence to Ruffy. :smiley: