180 games ... 3 commercials

Anyone else as excited as I am about this seasons 3 commercials we’ll get to watch over and over and over and over and over again on TSN. I know I sure am. Really - could Wendy’s and Safeway PLEASE do me a personal favour and make more than 1 commercial for the whole 2005 season … It drives me Bonkers…

Thank you.


I could not agree with you more. Another thing that drives me crazy is when they play the same comercial 2 or 3 times in a row. :twisted:
And they don’t even have safeway in Quebec

i noticed tha, but its good advertising cuz i remember everything about those companies

You forgot Subway as well…

God thats so annoying…Repetative commercials. It makes me NOT WANT TO BUY THE PRODUCT!

That was a hint to any advertisers viewing the posts!

subway at least has relativly good commercials, that are funny the first 50 times you watch them.

They are funny, but after the 15th time each game it gets boring. They should go to the USA (Sorry guys and gals) and take a lesson from the NFL.

Now those are funny commercials!

180 games?

9 teams play 18 games between them.
9/2 = 4.5
4.5 * 18 = 81
5 playoff games.
9 preseason games.

81 + 14 = 95

3 commercials for 95 games.

If the league (or whoever else is responsible) could land more sponsors, we’d get a larger variety of commercials and the league would get more money.

But yeah, after week 1 I’ll be able to recite all the commercials from memory.

Now now guys, lets not upset the sponsors of they will pull their ads and we will no longer have Friday Night Football :shock:

Let the sponsors do more ads…not the same one over and over and over again

Let the sponsors do more ads…not the same one over and over again

And over

I agree but the bottom line is that its their dime and they call the shots. They are the ones that are paying to get the games on TV.

i wouldnt mind if they ran a bunch of subway commercials if they brought back the

“its okay i had subway”

Oh yeah - and the token 1984 McCain Curly Fries commercial …


Would Canadian fans pay to recieve CFL on pay per without all the commercials? Just wonderin?

Just be glad that McCains don’t sponser football. They have a variety of ads but every single one annoys me.

Being from Ontario, the only thing I respectfully have to ask is, “what the hell is a Safeway anyways? Is it like Canadian Tire or something? We don’t have any here.” :?

Grocery store
Like loblaws

…huge in the western states (based in California) and ventured into western canada about 40 years ago, surprized they never went any further east…