18 Million Canadians Watched the Superbowl

Put the Grey Cup on CTV, and don't schedule Canadian NHL teams against it, and you see an extra 2 million viewers.
Put Justin Beiber as the half time show, and you can add 3 million viewers.

Super Bowl is a one day event that our media has for some reason pumps as some kind of great Canadian event.
But nobody is gonna tell me there's more football fans in Canada then hockey fans.

The non Super Bowl/ Grey Cup football viewership in Canada proves that.

You didn't mention that American networks not carrying the Super Bowl also bail out and show repeat episodes or movies that have been shown on TV a billion times which means Canadian networks with US line-ups also don't have any new programming to counter it. There is absolutely no competition on during the Super Bowl - sports or otherwise.

no 8.15 million viewers on CTV and RDS (CTV: 7.3 million; RDS: 865,000)

The higher the better, combined SB and GC shows football is very, very strong in this country. :thup:

This is not what some people want to here especially those that would like to see baseball get more important in the summer months in Canada. The more hype for the NFL, the more it gets me hyped for the CFL and NFL season to start up again. The NFL and SB hype is helping to keep the CFL fueled up IMHO.

As McCain says, it’s all good. :thup:

It was very nice of the NHL not to schedule any games for Sunday night to go against the game wasn't it?

Not only the NHL though, all other sport leagues either had a light afternoon schedule or not at all.
To include the NBA, AHL and even locally here our junior OHL.
How pathetic.

It is strange that other professional sports leagues do not infringe upon each other's event schedules, yet refrain from showing the same courtesy towards the CFL...

strange indeed....

its because all those other leagues are run by americans
but bettman should no the NFl would not show the NHL the same courtesy

Don't forget rogers also had a leafs game and I think an oilers game on sportsnet at the same time as the grey cup!!!!!!!!

Look, let's think a minute Canada is next to a huge neighbour and I think we are more influenced by one country than most any other country is in the world, arguably. With the American media machine cranked up with the evolution of technology and the money the Americans have, not only am I surprised, pleasently I might add, that the CFL continues to not only exist but is having new stadiums and major upgrades done to facilities, but in some respects I'm very surprised that Canada as a sovereign nation continues to exist in the year 2012. We are bombarded with Americana everywhere we turn, and that's the way it is as we know. We are trying to keep ourselves in Canada distinct but I would say we are having a difficult time, understandably so.

Now let's say the CFL didn't exist, Canadian football or the Grey Cup. Would I be happy that more and more people are watching football than ever? You bet, I love the sport and only want to see it grow more as time goes on.

Miracle on whatever street the CFL exists and Canadian rules football!!! :thup: Gotta love it man, it is a miracle I say. :o

Thought this article was interesting as well about baseball vs football to African American youth:

5 Reasons Why Major League Baseball Is Declining Among African American Youth

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Harper should be bring this up with the chinese on his trip, get them to watch the grey cup and we will blow the americans away .

Harper should go one step further and like other protectionism in this country, I vote anti NFL.

Bump, because even this is better then the silliness in that other thread. (let's just agree to disagree and get over it guys)

So , what does this really mean?

Sometimes more people watch the Superbowl than the GREY CUP. We already knew that.

Some Canadians may not watch the GERY CUP if their team isn't in it and / or it is an all WESTERN team match up or an all EASTERN team match up. Some Canadians are funny that way.
Just check the GREY CUP / T.V. ratings for all Western team match ups [including , Winnipeg].
Having a true EAST Vs. WEST match up makes a huge difference in a GREY CUP's T.V. ratings.
Eastern Canada has millions more people than the West does.

This years SB.

There are not a lot of major sporting events in Feb. , in , Canada.
There are a lot of Madonna fans in , Canada.
CTV , is on more stations in Canada than TSN , is.
Many Canadians will watch something for FREE , in the dead of winter.

CTV , will be happy because they will make more money showing this 1 game on T.V. for FREE.
How many Canadians PAYED to see the Superbowl?
Businesses will be happy because they can get more business in , Feb. A very , very slow time of the year in , Canada.

Does this mean that a NFL team is now coming to Canada?
Does this mean that Canadians like the NFL more than the CFL?

The answer to both of these questions is a big NO. As we already know and have proven time and time again.


What T.V. stations , sponsors , the NFL and the CFL really look at are...

  1. The actual PAYED ATTENDANCE for ALL regular season games and the T.V. ratings because there are way , way more of those games. A 1 off championship game is an easy sell.

  2. A 1 off game may help CTV break even because the regular season T.V. ratings for NFL regular season games are very low and CTV has to pay many millions to the NFL for those games , as well.

CFL regular season games are much cheaper to buy and their T.V. ratings are much higher.
CFL attendance numbers across the CFL was up a bit and the T.V. ratings were slightly down this year , but they still beat the JAYS , RAPTORS and the NFL for the regular season.

I can say this for both the NFL and CFL.
Watching something on T.V. for free does help the T.V. networks make more money. That is very important for T.V. contracts , ect...

HOWEVER , watching something on T.V. for free doesn't make you a fan of anything except for your T.V.

If the NFL is so popular in TORONTO as the Superbowl ratings might say for this Superbowl then why didn't all of those fans sell out every Bills in Toronto games this time and before this series?
Why does the CFL have higher T.V. ratings during the regular season Vs. the JAYS , NFL and RAPTORS?
Many more Canadians PAY to see CFL games and many also watch more CFL games on T.V. for a FULL regular season every single year.

So , what does this all mean really?

Canadians can watch the SUPERBOWL on T.V. for FREE all they want too.
And it will not mean a dam thing to the millions of CFL fans who pay to see many CFL games and the millions who also watch CFL games every single year.