18 Million Canadians Watched the Superbowl

So much for the Grey Cup being a bigger event then the Superbowl in Canada.

I hate that our population has been brainwashed by the American marketing machine.

I think those aren't reliable numbers, that would be an absolutely ridiculous number for anything in Canada

Here's where I'm guessing he got his info.


That says 8, not 18. Much more understandable

The number was 8.1 million, not 18 million.

18 million in total

SUPER BOWL XLVI is the most-watched SUPER BOWL ever on Canadian television with an audience of 8.15 million viewers [b]on CTV and RDS (CTV: 7.3 million; RDS: 865,000)[/b]. Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that the New York Giants' thrilling victory last night over the New England Patriots is the most-watched program of the broadcast year. [b]The national audience for SUPER BOWL XLVI is 12% higher than last year's game (7.3 million on CTV and RDS).[/b]
typo? :?

I don't remember how long you have to watch to qualify (I think it is 6 minutes), but that means 10 million got bored and tuned out, or only watched the end, or half time, or watched until they realized we don't get the American commercials

wow 8.1 million is still a big number, a huge number in canada, i hope that this years grey cup can draw the same number or beat it, but i doubt it, its to bad the grey cup doesn't interest the non sports fan like the superbowl does with all it's glitz and glam o well their loss

please disregard my previous post guys and gals...

just realized the 7.3 million figure from last year was a combination of CTV and RDS.

yes, I am a dolt. :expressionless:

You guys do realize many people tuned in to just see Madonna's half time show, right? You simply can't convince me that there are 18 million people in Canada who tuned in to watch football only.

The 8.1 number is people watching football. The others are half timers.

I know of at least 3 girlfriends who tuned in for the 12 million dollar half time show. They are both well followed event. The key word being EVENT.

How about we not be concerned about what the NFL is doing and be concerned with the CFL running it’s own race.

This is the number of people who tuned in for a part of the Super Bowl. They could have tuned in for a minute or for the whole thing. The corresponding number is somewhere around 14 million for the 2009 and 2010 Grey Cups and 11 million for the 2011 Grey Cup.

The Riders,Als 13th man Grey Cup drew 16 million viewers..... Atleast 16 million Canadians seen part of the game... And that was only on cable... So in essense, I'd say it's still pretty close.

so sorry, I failed to tune in to catch Madonna sing along with Foul Mouthed Nicky Minaj,.. and MIA (who??)

I watched the game casually, while I was on my computer.

Let's be more specific, in the dead of winter with no other sporting event as other leagues foolishly bailed out.
On top of which on the main CTV network.

14 million, not 16 million. http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=300593

You gotta look at the facts behind these numbers.

Grey Cup. Went up against the NFL on various channels. NFL fans won’t watch the Grey Cup.
Also went up against 3 Canadian NHL telecasts almost head to head. Which I think hurt the Grey Cup numbers more.
Its shown on TSN. Which reaches 5 million less viewers then CTV.
And lets face facts here. Recieves one fifth the hype the Super Bowl gets.

Super Bowl. No CFL to go against. No NHL or NBA to go against. Shown on CTV, which as I said reached 5 million more viewers then TSN.
CFL fans watched the Super Bowl . A boat load of people who wouldnt’ know a puck from a football watched for various other reasons.

Outside of that, the CFL always beats the NFL head to head nine times out of ten.
Yet for some reason the media today is using these numbers to say the NFL is more popular in Canada?

You know what.
The CFL and us fans just can’t win against those people

I knew that the superbowl would outdraw the Grey Cup this year, but this is pretty significant. If the CFL doesn't see tv ratings go back to 2010 levels, I can see the media jumping on the "CFL is dead/struggling/on it's last leg" bandwagon.

Having said that, much like the Grey Cup, the Superbowl is a stand alone event. Doesn't accurately portray the situation.