18 holes of Golf and riders

Is the riders season like a round of golf. Played trouble golf all last year.Over the winter tried to figure out why the game was so brutal. Starting working on a new swing, new driver, new putter even a new attitude. Cant wait for the season to start because have it all figured out now.
Week 1 Hamilton, 1st hole- Ready as can be,but really not sure what to expect. long Par 5. WOW birdie 4
Week 2 Edmonton 2nd hole- Ok keep it simple. Par 4. Nice drive on in 2 miss birdie take my 4 for par.
Week 3 BC 3rd hole- Stay possitive. Par 4. Take another 4 for Par. As long as nobody saw my little foot wedge from the bush.
Week 4 Calgary 4th hole- Easy par 3. Should be no problem for birdie or par. In the bunker,nice out,blow par by,miss come back,tap in 3putt for 5.
WEEK 5 Hamilton 5th hole- Easy par 5?

Easy? the Stamps had the highest scoring offense and the best run defense after 3 games...don't let a 1-2 reccord going into this game fool you. They had a strong outing in week 1 and lost the next 2 games by a combined 4...it is not like they have played a bad game yet this year.

...I would've scored you a birdie on the BC win, they are the reigning champs after all...

The first hole was actually a long par 4, but because of re-seeding, the tee box had been moved, making the initial drive easier. Nice birdie even so.

It looks like the new grass is starting to take on the fifth hole, another par 4, so the tee box should be in its regular location. There are a couple of nasty bunkers you'll have to look out for, but the rest of the fairway tends to be pretty wide open. Could get a par, but with a two or three putt on this hole, you could end up triple bogeying.

Rider's blew it.

simple as that, end of story.

i agree that they blew it ... think they relaxed in the 4th.. think a lot of teams with a big lead start to slack off in the 4th..

Staying with the Golf analogy, I’d say the Riders skulled an easy chip shot over the green and into a hazard in this last game. Even with the Stamps taking penalty strokes, the Riders lost concentration on their short game, where it mattered most.

Agree with the earlier comment that the BC game was a Birdie, maybe even an Eagle, as the Lions are definitely a long par 5 with a ton of water and sand in play.

I love this thread…I’m a scratch golfer. (Which means after each hole I scratch out the number and put in something better!)

AT what point does your golfer fire the caddy?

To continue with the golf analogy, I would say that the riders pulled a Jean van de Velde.

My take on scratch golf is when I finsh the game still using the ball I started with.

It's hole 18, a Par 4 with a slight dog leg to the left and some bunkers down the right side. You hit beautiful tee shot right down the middle, it get's a really nice bounce and rolls an extra 10 feet into a perfect lie in the fairway. Your 2nd shot is a moon shot that lands perfectly in the center of the green, leaving you with a nice chance at a birdie. You're lining up the birdie putt, and you've read the green beautifully as the ball is rolling right towards the hole. It's about 5 feet from the hole and right on line when out of nowhere a drunk in a golf cart comes barreling across the green and takes out the flag and your ball which was about to go in. The cart rolls, clubs go flying everywhere and the driver of the golf cart rolls out and bumps your playing partners ball right into the hole for the win. While you're sulking walking back to the clubhouse ready to shotgun down 12 beers a seagull poops on your favourite shirt.

That's a more accurate description using a golf analogy.

Golden, Dust. I love it! :thup:

After their collapse in Calgary Thursday, I would call that one a double bogey…

...lol, pretty good one Dust, I read your pain...

My take on scratch golf is when I finish the game if I have any balls left.

Hole #5, a nasty long par 4 with bunkers all over like this years British open. You've got to plan out your shots, account for unknowns like wind and rain. Be off your game and land in one of the 8 foot deep bunkers and your going backwards to get out of trouble. This adds strokes, making a 4 into a 6. Hamilton is the bunkers, Riders need to be precise and focused to par this hole.

There's a "that's what she said" in this thread somewhere, I just know there is...