#18 David Ball

Does anyone know if David Ball will be playing on Friday night. What is his injury?

He has an "injury" it's a way of making sure no one takes him off our praqctice roster.

Thanks for your reply, that's what I thought, but I would like to see him play. He made some nice catches at training camp.

I love this guy. He catches and runs really well. He also plays pretty tough to boot. Hopefully the Cat's get him in the lineup soon. :cowboy:

He kinda reminds me of flutie a little in how he catches and runs for the ball!

Kind Cross between Flutie and Mike Our old #18

Give rock the ball.

im not saying he isn’t any good but if he really is as good as people on here say why is he still not playing?

He's not playing because of the CFL's affirmative action policy (read: import ratio) that mandates the use of bums like Chris Bauman.

He's a great player, sort of like Prechae Rodriguez. He can catch it any which way from Sunday. He's not playing because maybe 1. The coaches feel he isn't necessary at the moment 2. He's injured 3.He may need a bit more practice before we throw him into the fire.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww5lQa5s4Gs&feature=PlayList&p=44AAE676E3FFD128&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=61]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww5lQa5s ... L&index=61[/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ikey0GSEYA

#1 does that mean currie, mcdaniel and davis are better than him?
#2 from what everyone has said he isn't really hurt (can't confirm that tho)
#3 he's mot new to football he should be able to jump right in. he kicked around the nfl and spent last year on mtl's pr.

Do I look like MB or Obie to you? How the hell would I know why he's not playing. My guess is Obie wants his speed receivers out there right not and Ball's not that fast. That could be it. There's alot of things that make a 'good' receiver. Ball is a sticky hands catcher, McDaniel and Currie outrun defenders and get open. Ball will get his chance.

I asked a question and you answered... your hyping the guy so i asked why he isnt playing.

It seemed more like you were nitpicking. Like if Ball is soooo good, why doesnt he get to play? I answer Ooh so Currie Davis and McDaniel are better than him your saying? I answer

did you not read my post... it says im not saying he isnt any good, all im saying is that he either isnt as good as some people on here make him out to be or he should be playing.

Frankly, I've watched Ball on several occasions, and on the surface, his skills are ordinary.

All that being said, I can name a bunch of guys whose busts are in the HOF whose skill are average.... heart and desire are more important than a great 40 time. Ben Cahoon is a perfect example.

Ball didn't stick in Montreal because the Als were and are incredibly deep at receiver. That doesn't mean that he can't start for the cats...

Stick him in there......the Cats need a gutsy possesion type receiver.

I would not call Cahoon's skills ordinary, by any stretch.

If anything, I'd call them extraordinary, making up for his lack of size and blazing speed allowing him to excel at the game for as long as he has so far.

Any player who is in the HOF obviously is someone who practiced and trained harder than the average player, to say they didnt have skill is ridiculous. And I'll believe the hype about Ball when i see it, just like with Currie, everyone was acting like he was the next Winfield at training camp and yet didnt have one catch last week and now ball is a cross between Flutie and Cahoon but barely made the team.

or 4 he's just not as good as everyone says he is.

Did you even go to training camp or practices? This guy made AMAZING catches. Sometimes you thought it was Rodriguez making those catches. Ball is a keeper and his time will come soon. Bet you guys questioned Rodriguez last year too eh?