For those interested,

18,723 was the attendance according to the Canadian Press article about the game.

The fact only 18,723 showed up for the game is setting off alarm bells in my head. It sure does look to me like we are on the verge of an Ottawa re-run. I hope I am wrong but the signs of a franchise in deep trouble are certainly present (a team struggling on the field for an extended period of time and a fan base that is frustrated and beginning to erode...ala Ottawa). With such strength around the league in pretty much every other CFL market, tv ratings up and talks (even if extremely premature) of new franchises in Quebec City and the maritimes someday we certainly don't need a black eye in Hamilton to spoil things.

That was paid attendance. There was maybe 16 there and not 1 soul more.

I'm totally amazed that so many fans still go to the games. Maybe they've caught Leaf-itis----no matter how bad the team, they'll still go to the games.

See you on the 19th. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

I go because I realise that there is 7 months of no CFL football so I want to get my football fix in (whether the team is good or bad) :thup:

there is no way there was 18,000 at that game. i'd say around 15 at that most. After Edmonton kills us it will be closer to 10,000 on September 19th

8) I would say you are right, on both counts !!!
Possibly, we may get 12-14,000 for the next home game, if we are lucky  !!             <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

I can’t believe those numbers!! The last time I went to a game at Hamilton the stands were packed and fans were standing. Geez I hope that Hamilton doesn’t follow the way of Ottawa!

Its sad because I feel we already had our second chance, when the team was on the brink, and bob young the saviour saves us from folding and puts the butts back in the seats.
And what does the team do?! Throw it away. Sorry boys but the only way to get people back in the seats is to put a winning team on the field.
You give us a reason to go, and we'll go.

Even if it was free admission to watch a game, I still would have felt ripped off if i went to the game yesterday.

There is no way there was 18 at the game. I think someone else said 12. Thats probably right.

To the poster that said "Even if it was free admission to watch a game, I still would have felt ripped off if i went to the game yesterday."

I totally agree. That was a brutal display of football.

It won't.

Earl and I discussed this on the main board briefly. The difference between Ottawa and Hamilton is that even if Hamilton's attendance drops more, I would expect Bob Young to continue to try to improve things, whereas Ottawa's owners go through a bad year or two and bail. They were not committed like Bob Young appears to be.

Even if Mr Young got fed up, I doubt he'd simply walk away to "shred some fresh powder" on the ski slopes like Lonie Glieberman, or some such. He's professional enough to see to it that there's a smooth transition between him and his successor. He's not going to leave you guys hanging there.

The Taaffe era, has seen average attendance go from 25,000 to 18,000 . Something has to be done to Bring back the magic of the Marshall era!!!

This really is hilarious.

18 would be about right.

Playing a game 5 days after your last one sure doesn't help.

If people don't like losing football they must not like exciting/competitive football either. Monday's game, though a loss is a loss is a loss, was very exciting.

The Leafs are perennial losers and offer no excitement whatsoever, yet they fill the house game in and game out.

In the Hammer...it's economics.

Our attendance is likely in the 20-21 average this season. So, for it to drop to 18 on Saturday is not a shock and shouldn't be looked upon as a sign of the apocalypse by doomsayers on this board.

Anything can happen, of course, but as long as Mr. Young remains committed, there is no comparison to Ottawa.

14,000. 15,500. 18,000. It doesn't really matter - I think that Mr. Young is realistic enough to expect a drop in attendance due to continued poor on-field results. His management team are not going to stop trying to fill the seats with promotions, and they're not going to publicly condone and further fuel a drop off in attendance, but this can't be a surprise to anyone in HQ.

Looking at the bright side, recent history suggests that the stands will be filled if the product is even decent, and all signs seem to be that, although the results haven't been there, football side management continues to take steps to improve.

The bright side isn't an easy one to look at after a game like Saturday's, but it's there if you really look for it.

Yup...I give major back-pats to all those who are showing up at the games.

Regardless of what paid attendance is, I believe we will see sub-10,000 crowds before the year is done.

And, unless we start next year at 4-0 or 3-1, we will be lucky to crack 20,000.

That's not at all a slight against us Cats fans -- but its taken awhile to go from 28,000 down to this. Another team in the league would likely be down to friends and family.

I'll still be going to my handful of games -- win or lose. I just enjoy it that much.

But, even I didn't even bother checking out the site, posting, or looking for highlights from the BC game.

That 18,000 who come to the games is not bad considering the team's record. What concerns me is the gradual changing of the mood of the fans. Over the last 2-3 years, I've sensed a definite change. Now, there's a real apathy in the stands. People NOT having fun. Lots of frustration. I don't have seasons tix so we sit in different places for games and the mood is the same pretty much everywhere. It's just not a fun place to be.

The Cats are flirting with real danger here. How much longer will those 18,000 fans keep coming out?

An Argo-Cat fan

Don't forget Saturday was perfect football weather. I'm sure the walkup attendance was solid. A Saturday afternoon game, perfect weather and family day - hard to ask for a better situation. If it was bad weather we would have been lucky to have 12,000 at the game.

Sorry - but there is no bright side. I almost fell off my chair when during halftime ( or perhaps just prior ) - a reporter asked Taffe what his plan was to get back into the game.
His response was:
"We have to play better".
I think the correct response should have been:
"I have to coach better".
I see no upside to this Team this year. We are not progressing game to game. Rather, we are regressing.
Maybe the players quit on Taffe, but I don't see any fire at all - just going through the motions.
I think 7 sacks for B.C., and 0 sacks for the Tabbies tells it all.
I decided I will not listen, or go to any games, unless Taffe is dismissed.
This Team is a joke ( & it's not very funny! ).

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Personally I don't think we will see attendance figures published below the # of seasons ticket holders which I haven't heard this year but expect to be in 12K-14K range. So a 10K I can't see happening unless they start publishing the actual number of tichets scanned.

Even for that to happen they'd have to lose every game for the rest of the season and have it rain/snow all day and have Brian Harper (or is it Steven Mulrooney) as Half-time political motivational speakers. Opps did I get there names mixed up. Ahhh, same thing :>))) We need the X that says none of the above on our ballots :>))) Eeeek, I shudder at the thought .... that would be worth spending the day out of Hamilton never mind just the stadium :>)))

I for one will keep my seasons, go on occasion when convenient but yes it is disheartening.

Have a good one
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