18,000 expected Friday vs. B.C.

What a shame.


thats a pretty sad #

I like what Sandy said in the article though and i wish more of the fans would make noise when our defense is out there. If you cant scream, bring a horn or a bell and just find a way too make noise.


just fixed that lol

That’s sad, theres no reason for there to be any less than 20. All i know is I will be there ring side with my cousin and dad.

BC has always been a Tough Sell Plus with Have Edmonton Coming in the week After that is a Good Seller.
Back to Back Games at Home make it worse ..

A few more wins and a few less threats will probably go a long way for attendance.

I believe this a marketing ploy to get more people out but if that is all they can get is 18,000 this city doesn't deserve to have a team with that fan support we should be called the coyotes how embarassing :cry: :cry: :cry: would that be

Agreed wholeheartedly.

You have no idea what you're talking about.
They're lucky to have 18 after the last 5 years.
Trust me , the fans deserve even more...all things considered.

do they deserve more? yes
but that doesn't mean the fans should stop coming...
real fans will show up no matter what the teams record is.

you guys have such an exciting team...everyone needs to rally behind them. Go and tell a friend or co-worker they should go buy a ticket...and if you're reading this and don't have a ticket....go get one! I drive 2.5 hourse each way from Saskatoon to Regina to watch Rider games and I have had season tickets forever now....surely if you live in Hamilton you can drive to the stadium and pay a few bucks for great entertainment.

I know its an excuse, but the long weekend will hurt the crowd. Thats why I wont be there.

maybe the team should invite some ladies from the sundowner to be guest cheerleaders.

a good time for the balckout

I'm tired of reading all the sorry excuses for not supporting our team.
If you can't support your team by putting your butt in a seat, then you have no right to talk about the direction this team is going in.
If you care about this team, buy some tickets, show up, and make some noise.

Every Notice that when BC Comes to Town it always Rains

Last year Rain
Year before Rain
This year Rain Expected..

They Keep Bring the West Coast Weather with them

My girlfriend and I were talking about the same thing yesterday. Though we couldn’t recall for sure whether it actually rained at last year’s game or not…


I agree that the team should manage their expectations after so much futility, but even still, anything short of a solid 21,000 is brutal.

This team's playing well, there's optimism in the air and we're playing a team we've beaten. This is a key game.

Now, perhaps the advanced sales are sluggish because of people waiting to see what the weather's going to be like. We're in that situation. We have a handful of people that want to come to the game, but a few are on the fence about dealing with the rain. Normally we would've bought a flex pack, but this time we're going to buy at the gate.

Sounds like the forecast has changed from outright rain to just clouds. That should help. Any further improvement will help the walk up.