Simple question. Anyone think BC can do it? They've already beat pretty much all the teams. I'm not really looking for trash talk here, just curious whether anybody thinks that they have a realistic shot at it.

It'll still be tough, but if their QBs stay healthy, I think they've at least got a good shot. The mental side of things would probably be the toughest battle for them to face (a lot of pressure when you're trying for perfection), but I guess you can't discount the passion of all the teams gunning for them. It'll be interesting.

We’ve done this post 8 million times, why post this after two great labour day games? Come on! Good job Ti-Cats!! And of course… Esks win!

I'm a diehard Lions fan and 18-0 would be a miracle. Even though we're already half-way there, the urgency from other teams to win is gonna be even greater after Labour Day and things will get even tougher. While 18-0 seems like a stretch, I think we can definetly win our next few games. I don't really see us losing anytime soon.

Because he felt like it GoEsksGo. Why do you bother responding? Free world...free forum.

green'n'grey...I'm a Leo's fan, but I don't see them or any team going 18 and 0. It would be great if they went 12 and 0 at least. I think that breaks an old CFL record.

Actually I would not want to see my team go 18-0
I would want to see them get a lose out of their system before the playoffs

ro1313, I agree. I don't want them to lose just yet, but maybe after we've gotten a significant lead over the Eskimos for first place. A loss or two in the regular season will probably help us in the long run (our quest for the Grey Cup). I would love to see our home winning streak continue though (I think it's at 11 now?)

Simple anwser: NO!!!!!! You're dreaming!

18 - 0, highly unlikely.

green'n'grey.....thanx for the message..appreciate it...

No problem papalooza. Not a big fan of rivalries becoming more serious than life.

And GoEsksGo - sorry, didn't realise that this had been posted before as such. I've seen the odd comment here and there on other threads, but I haven't been on the site a ton through the summer, so I must have missed any other threads on it. Basically it was an idle question running through my mind, so I thought I'd ask.

And yeah, it was a good day of football. Wish I could've seen the Tonronto-Hamilton game - sounds like it was a good one.

Greenngrey , you can post it if you want , goeskgo is wrong , it hasn't been posted a million times. In fact, I don't recall seeing a thread asking if people think it is possible if the Lions can go 18-0 . I suspect he just don't like it because it's not the Esks being asked that question about.
About the question , you ask is it possible , the short answer is YES! It is still possible , but it's not likely. However, it's more likely now than it was at the beginning of the season considering they're half way there now .

I think the Esks will beat them atleast once with the two remaining games at Commonwealth.

They haven't beat Montreal... yet.

Whether it's possible (which it is) or likely (not very), you guys must all agree that 9-0 is a very, very impressive start to the season for any team during any CFL season.

Yes it is, win a few more games in a row and you won’t have to play a game that matter’s until the Western final’s…

BC has a record of beating Montreal, they even beat them when Montreal was trying for a perfect season, maybe this will be a reverse of fortune?

I know. Last season, Montreal lost only four games, but never won against BC...

As I said previously, Montreal needs to beat BC next week because the Als must know they can win at BC Place... just in case they'd get back there in November.

I am predicting that Montreal will beat them September 17th and return the favor of destroying each others perfect season!

I'm going allong with that.


WHO????? LOL