$175k for Nick Moore?!? Come on Winnipeg...

When you're a down-and-out franchise I realize you're going to have to overpay a bit, but this is ridiculous. $175k for an IMPORT receiver who's "best" year has been 1100yds and 6TDs.

You can get that kind of production anytime from an import WR for the league minimum. It just takes a bit of effort to do some scouting. Winnipeg could have had TWO receivers that would be as good or better than Moore, and they would have saved money in the process.

Winnipeg has to do something :roll: back up the brinks truck for a receiver that hasn't done anything :thdn:

...lol ...when he burns you in 2014, we'll talk...Price in Cal. set the new standard for import receivers salaries long ago...look it up :wink:

LMAO ! One player doesn't win football games, Good Luck with that !

Moore is an interesting signing and could have great upside.
I don't really care about salary but I hope it doesn't haunt him ( if in fact the numbers are true). He's a playmaker but does suffer the dropsies and has a self admitted concentration problem at times. Being the top man on their receiving pole will create pressure and the fans and media can be tough there when mistakes pile up.

But that said Winnipeg needs to dispel the doubts and negativity. Moore could be an all star for years to come. At most it's about $25,000 high if that. Small price for optimism.

plus Rod Black can continue remind us that his brother is a receiver with New Orleans :wink:

BC was offering $160k so Winnipeg's offer wasn't unreasonable.

I think its interesting that Banks was bad mouthed in BC, dumped and traded to the Bombers. Then Moore, very unexpectedly, lands in Winnipeg. One suspects Banks had a hand in making this happen.
Good Karma is not in Wally's world right now. Players talk.

Banks was the one publicly complaining about not getting a guaranteed starting role on the Lions next season and expressed his frustration and the lack of clarity on his future. You want guarantees? Try a different career other than pro sports. Moore was offered more money by all accounts, pure-and-simple business. That's football.

There's no "standard" for mediocre receivers like Mo Price and Moore.

The question you have to ask yourself is "how easy would it be to replace their production with a minimum salary WR?" In the case of both Moore and Price - - very easy.

Dontrelle Inman...John Chiles...Taj Smith...Duron Carter...Greg Ellingson. All minimum salary receivers and all better receivers than both Moore and Price. Before you trip over yourself to get to the stats page in an attempt to dig up some feeble arguement, keep in mind that no e of the aforementioned were the #1 option like Moore was. In some cases, they were no better that a #3 receiving option. So it stands to reason that Moore would be able to put up those hollow yards.

If you're going to overpay, spend the money on a position that has a huge drop off with a minimum salary player. Throw the money at a NI starter like Butler or Emry. Think you could find a minimum salary Canadian rookie that could step in and replace one of those two? Not a chance. Throw the money at a QB that actually has some ability. You've seen what the results of cheaping out at QB are when the Three Stooges took turns with their comedy routine masquerading as pro QBs. Once again Winnipeg took the cheap route with Drew Willy.

To highlight how stupid some of the moves GM make. The Bombers would not pay the extra 50 to 75k for Burris but then turn around and go and squander 100k on an import receiver with one year under his belt.

Inman is a FA looking for a NFL deal, Taj Smith just re-upped with the Riders as a pending FA. They are not on minimum salary. Inman and Ellingson are on rookie entry level contracts which is why they are so low. They won't be once their deals expire. Your argument with those comparables is beyond stupid. Get a clue. A FA veteran making more money than guys on rookie contracts, LOL, how ridiculous. Who would've thought!

Is it a lot of $$ for a guy who's been a one year wonder? I would say yes. Is it overpaying? Maybe. The team was well aware they would have to overpay to convince some players to come to the club given the way the last couple of years have gone. Have to keep in mind that the payscales may be going up across the board here with the expected bump in cap with a new CBA. At the same time they give Willy a receiver with whom he's apparently friends with.

Throw money at a QB that has some ability - like Burris? Let's see what a FA magnet Burris has been for Ottawa - Kevin Scott, Derek Schiavone, and Matt Carter. None of the prime FAs in the league are the least bit anxious to join a team to play with Burris, the proven QB that he is.

You do make a good point about Burris. He claimed he had guys who wanted to know where he was going to sign. It didn't materialize into anything. I think it is a little odd to overpay for an import receiver. I could see them overpaying for Bourke, Burris or Emry but Moore ??? Especially when they will have to start two imports on the oline.

I think there's quite a bit of overpaying going on today all around. Bourke from what I've read got $215K from the Als or thereabouts? Which makes him the highest pd non QB in the league. Didn't you yourself HFxTc say he was probably going to come in at around the $175-180K range? Curious to see what Butlers figure comes in at from the Cats as well.

It's high but seems like they probably don't expect Matthews back and probably not a lot of confidence in the IMP receivers on the roster, so they overpaid a bit. When you consider BC offered $160K/yr, $175K/yr is probably what it took to convince a player to leave an 8-10 win team annually to one that is coming off a 3 win season. Could've been worse. Plus there were other teams in the mix that probably pushed the price up in the end.

did not Arland Bruce set the new standard for import receivers in 2007 when he signed a 3 year/$190,000 per season contract with the Argos?

I had pegged Bourke at 225 and around 240 to 250 to pull him out of Montreal. I think its in the Bombers room. Hope it works out for you guys but the major holes on offense were QB and oline and they were not able to start fixing the oline. Still a lot of time left before season kicks off :thup:

Hm, maybe I'm confusing it with what you projected Emery or another play at then. My bad.

The comparison to Josh Bourke is completely inapt. Bourke is an all-star lineman playing the most important position (left tackle) and a non-import to boot. He's elite at his position AND a ratio-breaker. I have no problem paying him over $200k, given what he brings to the position and how he allows us to field an all-Canadian O-line. The fact that we knew we were likely going to lose another ratio-breaking NI starter, Shea Emry, made it that much more urgent to sign Bourke.

By contrast, Moore is an import receiver with one good season under his belt. Import receivers are a dime a dozen. Now, having said that, I completely understand Winnipeg overpaying him. They have to give Willy targets and they evidently have the cash to spend. It's low risk. If Moore can't live up to the contract, he'll be unemployed after year one.

Yeah Emry I had him pegged at 175k

? I wasn't comparing Moore to Bourke, just using him as an example as the salary scale going up. Of course there's differences in experience and the added value of Bourke being a NI T. My point is that the pay scale under the CBA as we have known it all these years is going to start shifting with the expected increase in the cap with a new CBA coming. So an import receiver that was probably valued at $150K under the old agreement will now be higher going forward. At any rate, you're exactly right. He's going to have to perform or else he won't see the 2nd year of the deal. If he and Willy can click on the field it will be money well spent.

Drafting Lavertu would be good timing, might as well make the change now at Center break him and the new QB in together. Plus Willy is used to the broken English of Dominic Picard :lol: