17 yard endzones at BMO

Did I hear this correctly?
During the broadcast I heard someone say that the endzones and BMO field will only be 17 yards long after spending millions of dollars in renovatiions.
The Argos are getting ripped off again

The Argos had a chance to get in there when it was first being built, and decided not to. Now they're having to make due as tenants in a building that already exists.

Very true. And the total length of the field will only be five yards shorter... it's probably not going to be too noticeable.

I think I would really prefer 52 yard halfs and 20 yard endzones.

No matter what solution, this is really the best they can hope for.

The Argos are a case study in short sighted selfishness (sweet heart lease deal, free rent???) vs long term vision. Imagine where this team might be if BMO was designed from the start as a multipurpose stadium for soccer/football, despite the fact that apparently it was a requirement.

17 Yard Endzones are not a big deal. The actual field of play remains unchanged so it's best just to move forward.

I would rather see the whole league go to 15 yard endzones but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

La zone de buts de 17 verges pourrait créer un désavantage pour les Argonauts qui joueront la moitié de leurs parties dans ces conditions. 3 verges de moins pour travailler en fin de séquence n'aide pas une attaque. J'aurais cru que les ligues et les autorités gérant le stade auraient pu trouver une façon de rendre le terrain conforme au terrain du football canadien.

I to would love to see that.

Here is the layout

Are saying you prefer a 15 yard endzone to a 20 yard endzone, or the league should go to smaller endzones because Toronto can't fit a regulation field in BMO?

I'm sure Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa and Saskatchewan with their new stadiums designed to fit regulation field would be pleased to do this even though they could have saved significant sums of money building a smaller foot print on their stadiums. Especially Winn and Sask with endzone seating.

From what I recall, granted it's over 30 years ago. The league went from 25 yard endzones to the current 20 to accommodate the Lions moving into BC place.

So precedence has already been set. They can put all end zones at 17 to make it consistent, but I think 15 is cleaner all around.

The newer stadiums with the 20 yard footprint can always add more patio seats with the extra 3 to 5 yards. Could end up being a revenue opportunity.

They could also go with 6" thick padding, like in Baseball, Fielders routinely run into the walls, without shoulder pads and helmets on like receivers wear.


That is true, but all the stadiums were old so there was no significant financial loss to make the changes to 20 yrd endzones. Today, half the stadiums are new or have undergone significant renos including BC Place. The people that built these stadiums to specs of a CFL field have spent what I'm sure is millions of dollars in total for the extra space required to do so.

Now to tell them that space is no longer required because Toronto has a smaller field and sorry about your financial loss. But on the bright side you can extend you endzone seating or patio areas, at your cost of course.

Or to save money, the Calgary stadium planners, design the building to accommidate 12 yrd endzones and maybe a narrower field.

My point is everyone else build to CFL regs, and I'm sure the new Toronto owners Bell could make a regulation field fit into BMO if they wanted to put the money into the reno instead of the other teams spending their limited resources to accommidate Toronto.

My understanding is the 17 yard end zones are more to do with a lack of space in the foot print overall. If 20 yard zones can be put in, money wouldn't be an issue for Bell so we'll have to see what the final design looks like. I agree it's best to keep all of stadiums the same.

But If teams want to add the patio seats at their cost, they'll recoup it over time. If some teams don't want to do anything, then that's their choice too. The premium seats are on the sidelines anyway which won't be affected with smaller end zones.

Really a small detail IMO.

Meh, much ado about nothing. There has been endzones that had corners cut in other stadiums before. This is really no big deal.

I couldn't care less about the 17 yard end zones. Will be awesome to see the Argos with wealthy ownership and a brand new park.

Completely agree, it's really nothing different, 3 yards in each endzone, to boards in hockey from arena to arena where some are lively and some are dead and the home team knows how the puck reacts in their building. I don't think other teams will be upset that they could have gone 3 yards less in each endzone to save initial money, I don't think so anyways.

We also need to remember that Cynamon and Sokolowski were small-time operators on the Toronto sports scene at the time and Rogers did want to keep the Argos in the RC at the time for whatever reason(s) and provided cheap rent or free whatever, to do so. C&S did not have the power in any sense to disagree with Rogers IMHO and also weren't exactly getting wooed by the Univ. of Toronto or York and both C&S combined didn't exactly have loads of cash or clout.

Agreed. 15 is a nice round number

Just wondering..... why? I can give all the arguments "for" our large endzones but I can only think of one against- and that's if you want to restrict and reduce the range of plays made possible by their current size.

Seriously. Please help me understand your position.

My argument for making the them smaller is only based on, if 20 yard end zones cannot be accommodated in BMO.

If it has to go 17, I think it's better to have the rest of the league be the same. I like 15 since it's a multiple of 5, but not really a biggie.

I can't see the CFL going league wide to 15 yard endzones as it could reduce scoring. The reduction in area would impact passing touchdowns and but it would make scoring a rouge even easier.

The CFL is looking for ways to increase scoring.

I wonder what the impact was when they went from 25 yrd to 20 yrd endzones?