17 straight disappointing seasons...

Here we go...Mr Winnipeg talking again..
Of course the Bombers have made bad decisions..
Alot of those decisions were made, because we didn't have the cash.
It's so easy to say....poor management, dream on..jets07.

Actually PIGSEYE, we never really dug ourselfs out of dept. Instead a large chunk of the dept was forgiven leaving us with a smaller dept. And hosting the Grey Cup pulled us out of dept.

Hmmmm...seems to me it doesn't really matter how we got rid of the debt...if it's gone, it's gone...

The point is the team owed 5 mil when Bauer took over. Now they don't. Make no mistake; anybody; and I'll try to say this in terms even Jets can understand...From a financial aspect, Lyle Bauer may be the best thing that ever happened to this club. As long as he's around, we'll be okay. Sure, we may have a season where we lose $200k or something, but we won't get in over our heads again. Lyle won't allow it.

....Over the years i've noticed and experienced how great winning teams are built....The no 1. requirement is very sound management and experience.... building a strong foundation...Right now we have that...Our present coach is a winner and will continue to instill that in the team...The players are high quality and talented and with the right 'tweak' here and there are on the verge of BIG things....With the more even playing field...due to salary management..the Bombers are in good shape to be a top tier team for a long time in this league....Dynastys are rare in sports....Successes aren't.... :rockin: :thup:

Meh.. despite what any of you over-positive Bomber fans think, the fact of the matter remains:

We haven't won a Grey Cup in 17 years.

And in my opinion, that's absolutely terrible... this is an 8 team league! We should've ACCIDENTALLY won the thing by now!

I can also pretty much guarantee the Bombers will NOT, in fact, win the Grey Cup in 2007. I'd willing to put a lot of money on the line for that prediction too.

Anyone remember when the Jets won a Stanley cup or even made it to the Stanley cup final? I can pretty much guarantee that the Jets will not in fact win the Stanley cup in '07, I'd be willing to put a lot of money on the line for that prediction as well.

^ sigh. I should expect an immature response like that.

Anyone have anything mature to say?

I do!

Pot, meet Kettle..... :roll:

Winnipeg won the Stanley Cup in 1896, 1901,and 1902

Avco Cup not Stanley Cup

..much like your prediction of 06....that the Bombers would be 0-18.....oh yeah ...very accurate.....you have to be the most negative guy on here....The Grey Cup is definitely within our reach........we'll see my friend...hope you like to choke down crow... :lol: :lol: :lol:

No BlueBombers, Winnipeg won the Stanley Cup in 1896, 1901,and 1902 as the Winnipeg Victorias.

Winnipeg won the WHA Avco Cup as the Winnipeg Jets in 1976,1978,and 1979.

Look Papalooza... I'm not here to cause trouble... but trust me when I say being an overly-negative Bomber fan is a GOOD thing.

If you love the Bombers as much as I think you do, then their constant disappointments... their atrocious losses... and their infamous chokes in the playoffs must hurt like a b*tch!... But when you always expect the worst to happen (as I do), it doesn't feel bad at all, because you expect it!

That 0-18 prediction was a gag of course. But it's better than saying "This is OUR year! Unfinished business baby!!! Grey Cup is coming back to the PEG!!!!" (as some on here do) every... single... year...

I'm not so much convinced your being overly negative is a good thing so much as it is an annoying thing....cripes, man, I'm so far from being a Bomber fan you couldn't possibly fathom, and I myself find your negativity annoying.....sheesh.....

...i respect a guy for his honest opinion Jets....but geez lighten up on the negative views....IF ...your purpose is to generate discussion about the team i love....great...but c'mon try to see some positives....that also initiates discussion.....and realistically speaking...i know your 0-18 prediction was just a gag...and so i go to the other end of the scale and suggest we COULD be Cup WINNERS...it's all good....long as you support the BigBlue...terrific..i know deep-down you kinda' like the Bombers.... :wink: :thup:

i know deep-down you kinda' like the Bombers.
Definitely. I try and make it out to 1 game a year and always enjoy myself, have a few beers, and always cheer on the Bombers. The game-day experience at Canad Inns is pretty good (there's tons of room for improvement but it's come a long way in recent year), the stadium has great sightlines (one of the few things I like about it), and if the weather is great and the Bombers are winning, hey, life is good.

Music I like to here..jetsIn07..
Yes we do need your view, makes us honest..
Jm02 n papzoola said it well...it gets annoying sometimes..
Even Pi$$ed me off...sorry...Go Bombers