17 straight disappointing seasons...

Will the Bombers ever win the Grey Cup again?

17 straight years they've broken the hearts of Manitoba football fans... who's to blame?

The Bombers play in an 8 team league. Shouldn't they have accidentally won the Grey Cup by now? And I'm sorry but saying "Well, at least we're not Saskatchewan" is no longer comforting. I don't think it ever was.

True, all Winnipeg sports teams choke in the playoffs. Only once in a lifetime will a team come through. There was the Bombers Grey Cup win '90 and the Goldeyes championship in their 1st year in the Northern League in '94. Since then... nothing. Nothing but disappointment.

I think the problem is the organization. A first-class CFL ownership group would go into every single CFL season with one goal in mind: Winning the Grey Cup. But not in Bomberland, it seems.

It's either "saving the Bombers" (late 90's, early 21'st century)... eliminating the debt (" ")... have "rebuilding years" (almost every year since 1993), or increasing season ticket holders.

Hopefully private ownership and a new stadium will usher in a new era of Grey Cup wins for Winnipeg. Because really... things are broke right now, and have been for a long while.

...maybe with the potential ...and very likely profit of(about 2 million) garnered from the Grey Cup....we will be able to make a pitch for some excellent free agents....this team is on the verge of very big things ....maybe you should consider changing your name Jets to.....Bombersin07.....enjoy the Cup... :thup: :wink: :rockin:

Also this year wasn't a disapointment next year we will be a force

lol howd i know ud be on here saying this stuff, again! u ay ur a football fan, but why arnt u on here celebrating when we win? why are u only even on here after we lose. i bet if we won the cup, u wouldnt be on here untill we lost our first game next year. dont call urself a fan, all u ever do is come here and bash wpg everytime we lose!

by the way, this year was not a disappointment. we had a great season, made the playoffs and put up a hell of a fight. it was a great game!

bbfan12 said: “Also this year wasn’t a disapointment next year we will be a force”

My reply: l.m.a.o.

123James: The Bombers let down Winnipeg for the 17th straight year, lost more than HALF the games they played (incl. playoffs), choked in the playoffs, and you call this season a “great success”. I think that’s even funnier.

I wouldn't consider it a great success but I would consider it a nice improvement over last year. I was born and raised in the Peg and believe every year that we'll be successful and'Yes' it can be hard at times. 2001 was probably the biggest disappointment ever followed closely by 1987 but I continue to believe in our team!
I like our new Head Coach and I believe we are two to three players away from getting to the next level. I believe QB is by far our biggest concern we need to improve this position or we are not going to get to the next level and Gibson has got to go! There are some very qualified people available right now who I believe can definitely do a better job then what we saw this year. Hopefully Stegal returns and Brazzel does not. We're not there yet but we are close and hopefully the right moves are made in this off season to make us contenders and not pretenders! Enjoy the Cup today I'am taking the Lions by 9.

....i also grew up and was raised in the Peg...and...i...unlike you Jets....experienced a winner...not just a winner...but a team rivaling any CFL team at anytime.....Bud Grant.....Leo Lewis....Kenny Ploen....brought a few Grey Cups to this city...BUT it took awhile to get there....I know you have a problem Jets in that you haven't seen that kind of winner for your city...but i have....and it was a great feeling...Not to sound arrogant (but i guess we were a little in the early 60's)...we were a feared club....going into stadiums around the country saying things like "its not IF we beat this club tonight...ITS BY HOW MUCH'...So if you remain patient....looking down the sidelines of OUR PRESENT TEAM....i see a look on a coaches face i haven;t seen for a very long time...That of Doug Berrys'....he is starting to remind me of a Bud Grant (maybe a little more excitable)..We have the best back in the league in Charles Roberts...just like we had when Leo Lewis played.... best receiver in the league in Milt (in my book) and with other additions.. maybe the similarities will keep getting closer to the big winning team we had as time goes on...stay tuned....This club will be a 'winner' again... :thup:

ok jet u call urself a winnipeger and a bomber fan but all you ever do is trash talk our team and shw the league that we have no spirit in our team. so now that we all know u jumped off the band wagon a long time ago take your opinions and head off this site. Iunno bout you but i am positive that the rest of my bomber faithfuls are more then happy with the final outcome the bombers had this season. ya they blew it in the semi but it was better then past years. SO from me to you don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The Bombers thru the 80’s and early 90’s were always a contender as well. Won three cups starting 1984 which I will never forget after a 22 year drought, 19 years of not even playing in it! The city really rocked in late 1984 when the Cup finally came home.

The Bombers thru the 80's and early 90's were always a contender as well. Won three cups starting 1984 which I will never forget after a 22 year drought, 19 years of not even playing in it! The city really rocked in late 1984 when the Cup finally came home.
What I got from that post:

"The Bombers used to be good"

So did the Jets.

haha good call jm.

It's funny/sad that you guys would rather make personal attacks than talk about the topic.

It's funny/sad that you would rather harp on all the negative things (to the point of nausea) about the Bombers (perceived in your own mind) than celebrate even one success (read: Grey Cup - and Winnipeg just hosted one).

Quit whining already.....

haha jm you one of my new heros. and to you jet just look at it this way i hit the topic already with an earlier post. you have to look on how the team advanced and well the fect we made the playoffs again and almost made the east final is a great improvment that puts a smile on my face and alot of other bomber fans. so once again don;t let the door hit you on the way out of this forum.

lol exactly!

how can u not call this season a success Jets???? i dont understand how u cant see that even though we went from 5-13, to 9-9 and made the play offs? leagues worst deffence in cfl history to top 3? my response to yours..... LMFAO, ur blind and drowning in ur own negativity

Jets is not a fan of the Bombers, 123..
He hates the Bombers..and the Jets...
Jetsin07 is plucking the heart strings of Manitoba..
Shame on you 07, your a joke..haha..loser...

Jets you have the number wrong. It should not be 17. It should be around 12.
In 91 the bombers were not in the cup but they had a great season. In 92 and 93 they were in the cup.
So even though we have had some rough seasons here and there, you need to get the number right.
It is true, the bombers were once the most feared team in the CFL and they will be again.

we just dug ourselves out of a $5M debt, hired a new hc and made the playoffs in a year when every pundit in the league picked us to win even less games than the 5 the prior year........what part of that dont you understand jets.

Our current ownership are responsible for GETTING us into $5 million debt. They still own and operate the team.

Repairs/upkeep to Canad Inns Stadium is getting costlier every year. We won’t host another Grey Cup game for probably 10 years. Revenue streams have been maxed out. I think it’s very naive to suggest the Bombers will be out of debt forever.

And face it… the Bombers aren’t exactly the best-run sports team! No Grey Cup in 17 years… fan issues ignored (for the most part)… very uncomfortable stadium… and the thing that gets me most:

Some seasons are considered a “success” even though we don’t win the Grey Cup. If this was a superior-run sports team, any year where we don’t win the Grey Cup should be considered a failure. Every year, winning the Grey Cup should be the team goal. But no, the Bombers organization doesn’t aim that high.