17 pass defenders in camp.

Hamilton Spectator June 8 2007

Ken ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Peters

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Charlie Taaffe says 'with 5 receiver sets,

there could be a need for 6 or 7 DBs
to be on the field at one time.’

Charlie Taaffe wants to be sure of having
good back ups to support our starting DBs.

Also, Ken speculates

on which players will be
our starting defensive backs.

Some of the db's might also be able to lineup as an outside lb as well so in fact all might not be exactly pure db's as you normally think of. Take Hitch as an example. This is what is good about having the 12th guy, it makes some guys who are not quite big enough for lb or quick enough as a pure db to stick around and be valuable on a CFL team.