16 pts in the third quarter

Now that we've got that "third quarter shutout" monkey off our backs, we can continue scoring, in the third, next week vs the Esks!

The 3rd Quarter curse . . . HAS BEEN LIFTED!

I was very impressed the way the Riders played in the 3 quarter. Nice to see them play 60 mins of football. Tough 2 games ahead with Edmonton Back to Back, these two games are going to decide if we have a home playoff game. I am going to Sept 26 game at commonwealth and I can't wait, bought 18 tix.........."HEY ESKIE FANS WE WILL SAVE A SECTION FOR YA!"

I’m hoping we finally turned that corner that has been alluding us all season. Would be nice to see the boys play two flawless games against the Esks.

Has anyone figured out what our record would be if you removed the 3rd quarter from all the games? We'd probably only have lost that one Montreal one I think.

Well, I was bored and went back through the games... without the 3rd quarter... our record would actually be exactly the same.

We would have beaten Edmonton, but we actually outscored Calgary 7-0 in that 3rd quarter so we would have lost that one.

Our +/- would go up a bit though +11 to +79 by my math.