16 players trade

This past weekend, I was discussing with a friend about the largest trade in professional sport history, which happened in the CFL. I couldn't remember the details though. Only that it happened between Edmonton and Toronto.

I've just seen on Toronto's website (history section) that it was a 16 players swap involving Tracy Ham. Anybody remembers who the other 15 were?

Yes, I remember something like that...stay tuned.

What year?
Try looking here.

never mind. doesnt work for this

1993 I think...

tried but couldn't find much.
you think the CFL would have a better grip on its history

The following season, Edmonton shook up its roster with a blockbuster eight for eight trade with Toronto. The Esks obtained Ed Berry, Eddie Brown, Bruce Dickenson, Rickey Foggie, J.P. Izquierdo, Len Johnson, Darrell K. Smith and in a separate deal reacquired Damon Allen from Hamilton. Edmonton rolled to eight consecutive victories including a 33-23 win over Winnipeg to win their 11th Grey Cup. Sean Fleming accounted for 21 of Edmonton’s points and was named Outstanding Canadian in the Grey Cup.

Got it from the ESKs site

there is half at least

You've got too much time on yer hands....or just a real fan...........

the way some teams are playing right now....a FIFTEEN PLAYER trade might be just what the doctor ordered.... :arrow: :lol: