16 games

Please. (I'm willing to pay just as much, if not more to compensate...)

I don't understand?

...although the odds are astronomical, it is possible that Cool had a seizure and this thread was produced while his head rolled around on top of his keyboard...

As opposed to the current 18, I'm guessing?


and go back to having a quarter of the season, as meaningless preseason games?

I think not.

Because we have four weeks left, when we only need two… Everyone is tied or close, save for Tor and Sask who are eliminated… Other threads/posts have stated the word “stale”… it needs to tighten up…

I can understand that your team is eliminated but for 75 percent of the fans this is the most exciting part of the season and killing two games would have to be made up for by increasing ticket prices roughly 15 percent as well. Nothing wrong with the present schedule.

…I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I dont’ see the logic behind 16 either…by your argument why not play only 4 games in July and wrap up the season with playoffs in August ? You know, fast start right out of the gate, winner takes all…exciting? yup…financially sound? probably not, and therein most likely lies the reason behind 18, two more weekends for major financial backers (like advertisers on TV, etc) to sell their product…

…the CFL has a fine balancing act when it comes to the bottom line, and I’ll bet 18 games allows it to be profitable…the NFL is considering jumping from 16 to 18 for the very same reason: $…

I'd be willing to sacrifice a regular season game or two to make the division finals a best of 3 series. It'd be weird to have then have the Grey Cup be a single game but I think that would be best for Grey Cup Weekend which has people come out from all over the country.

nope, leave things alone. no change needed. the game is just fine the way it is thank you.

Last thing I want to see is 3 more games against division opponents. 7 games against the same team. No thank you.

this, other than the two eliminated teams, EVERYTHING is tight right now, it’s the most exciting time of the season

We don’t have enough teams for 18 games. Even with 10 teams, its barely enough… Play-off matchups are already decided and for those that say not, you have two games left to prove it.

Playoff matchups are already decided? Who is going to be playing who? And please tell me how you know this? Anyone in any division can still get 1, 2, or 3, except maybe Hamilton, but they still could mathematically do it. Right now we don’t even know who will get a home playoff game in the West! I am a Riders fan, and even though they are basically done, I’m excited for the next few weeks of football to see who gets what place!

No need to change anything. Unless you're an argo fan or a rider fan, you have to be excited about the last 4 games of the season. It's still all up for grabs and we all know that seeding in the CFL is of crucial importance. Once you add a 9th and potentially 10th team, the games will be even more important.

Lastly, you'll never see owners agree to reduce the season by two game$. Money is the root of everything.

Playoff matchups are about as far from decided as it can get, actually. The teams are decided, the matchups couldn’t be less so.

actually I wanna see how bad the Riders can get.

The worse they are, the more likely that Taman, Miller and the rest are fired on Nov 28th.

It still is up for grabs… with two games remaining…

Adding teams will help; its why the NFL can get away with an 18 game schedule, because there is triple the amount of teams vying for playoff spots…

There are enough meaningless NFL games as it is LMAO