16,834 Fans in Toronto?

What a Choke Joke Toronto Argo's are 16,834 fans at the game against Montreal of a Saturday afternoon in the Roger's Dome in a 50,000 seats plus empty stadium you have to be kidding me but know it's true and for real.

TSN was trying to hold the camera shots close to the field so viewers wouldn't see all the empty seats or the upper bowl with no one around just ad signs and banners.

I saw more Montreal fans in attendance who took the VIA train ride down to be at the game, football is a joke in Toronto but the fans are a bigger joke, no support for their team whatsoever, hats off to the few thousand who still support your team and attend games and shame on the fence sitters who call themselves Argo fans that don't!!


Yeah, because the Hamilton fans are so much better with their 18,000 fans. :roll:

If only there was 16 000 there today.

The Ti-Cats I believe have sold out every available seat for any of their home games this year. Last night was over 20,000 - as was their last home game and both were basically sellouts over 48 hours in advance. If a few thousand more seats were available I'm sure they would have sold with any kind of a walk up crowd.

The difference right now as I posted in another thread is that right now the Cats are 'cool' in Hamilton - the Argos are not 'cool' in Toronto.

The crowd at THF last night was a much younger average age than the crowd the week before in Toronto. Thousands of 20 somethings out with friends at the Cats game having fun last night. In Toronto last week you just did not see that many in that age group having a fun night out with friends. It was a much older crowd from what I saw last week. The 'young' 'cool' crowd - who in Hamilton were out in force last night at THF - last week in Toronto were almost invisible at the Argos game but I did see them spilling out by the thousands from the ACC and the Raptors pre-season game which was ending at the same time as the Argos - Cats game down the block from the RC.

That is one demographic that right now the Argos have almost completely lost in Toronto - not so in Hamilton. Literally the polar opposite. Right now in Hamilton - the Cats are cool, In Toronto the Argos are not.

My point is the Cats are a fraction above the Argos. Cats fans should worry about their own attendance before taking stupid shots at other teams.

Just because you are young and go to the games and even buy the jersey, doesnt mean that you know squat about the game or watch the games on TV.

But Chief we've bought every ticket available for our home games. You can't do any better than that as fans. Argos a city with a population 5 or 6 times larger than Hamilton and as many unsold tickets as sold tickets. I think that gives Cats fans the right to be critical.

And Bungle what point are you trying to make. Sports is an entertainment option and successful sports teams are good at generating demand for their tickets - including among young people. Who cares if they really know squat about the game. Just as long as they keep buying tickets, team apparel and buy a few beer and popcorn that I make money on. Especially if they spread the word to all the friends on Facebook and twitter.

How many tickets does Calgary sell? Edmonton? BC? These are all huge towns. Worry about your own attendance. How long until the Hamilton bubble bursts?

Yes, Yes...the Argos don't draw a very large crowd. We get it already.

Did we really need another thread about this?

What is your end game here? Shame those that don't care about the Argos to buy tickets?

Poor attendance or not......my CFL includes Toronto.

Enough already. :roll:

Have to agree. This topic is as tired as any expansion topic.

I think attendance will continue to decline in all city's , with all games on TV in HD why do I need to go now, I notice when I go to the Lions games that big screen TV always draws my attention might as well stay home.

Tired it may be, but you have to realize Chief that Bigcat just has to start a new thread daily, regardless.

Well fortunately for the Argos next week they are guaranteed over 20,000 because probably close to 10,000 or so Ti-Cats fans will be there.

And by the way - the Ti-Cats will be just fine for years to come. Finally a decent venue to watch the game from - or at least it will be next year. We're selling out the place now with a bunch of amenities not done yet. Thousands of likely season ticket or flex pack ticket buyers did not buy this year because of stadium uncertainty. Heck even though we are playing in THF it is still nowhere near the finished product. No full concessions yet, most games they've run out of food and things like coffee by halftime as they are winging it on temporary permits without full working kitchens yet. Plus a bunch of the other 'nice' amenities like some of the patio features not yet finished and entire sections a no go zone still creating all kinds of uncertainty from one game to the next with people having to exchange tickets because having purchased seats in of sections that haven't opened yet. Elevators were not working until yesterday making it impossible for those who could not handle stairs to easily get to seats. Yet through all the hiccups we're packing the place!

We're just fine thanks - no need for us to worry - so we will worry and in fact are worried about our biggest rival the Argos.

Yes, I'm not at all surprised that somebody started another one of these.
After all, it comes as a COMPLETE SHOCK that the crowd was about 16,000 because the Argos have been drawing well over that number all season (sarcasm).

Hey, why doesn't someone start the "Good thing so many Hamilton fans showed up" thread for next week's Argo home game? :roll:

Well said.

The Expos were drawing crowds in the "majors" in the range of 2-3 thousand for some games near the end of their existence in Montreal. The Argos are still not at that point.

3 more years at SkyDump will severely hurt the Argos !! :thdn: :thdn:

This game today was for first place and they said there was no where near 16,000 more like 10,000 :thdn: :thdn:

Ticats Fans are some of the most passionate fans in the league, when I watch a Edmonton game is like a Blue Jays game, fans sit on there hands :roll:

:thup: :thup:

First Place Game today on a Saturday afternoon, non Holiday weekend, no excuses today !! When is Torono going to WAKE UP ???? When it's too late :roll: