16,276 !?!?!?

On a Saturday afternoon !?!?!? Apparently there were actually less than 8000 !! Toronto doesn't DESERVE a CFL team :thdn: An Absolute JOKE in a City with 3 Million people :thdn: :thdn:

Another thread on Toronto attendance :roll: ...... we know it's bad nothing new. It will BMO or fold.

Example Friday night in Ottawa Redblacks sold out 24,000 and change
Friday night Ottawa SENS / Habs game in Ottawa sold out
... but yet it seems to not get regonized by any Torontonians

my point is Toronto is a Leaf town and tickets that are bought are 85% corporate in Toronto

I live in Toronto and u want to see good sports fans go out west...and don't say because theres nothing to do there....if Argo fans wanted to go they would have went not because there are more things to do in Toronto...the same thing u can do in any little town its just Toronto sports fans don't do them...they are great TV sports fans not showing up live

Next week there will be close to 30,000 :rockin: thanks to their little brother down the road :rockin:

I bought a Princess Margaret Lotto ticket and one of the prizes is Leafs/Raptors season tickets. Since I would have no interest in this prize and that is the actual truth, do you think I could exchange it for Ticats seasons tickets? I wonder if Princess Margaret Hospital and the TiCats could swap a deal should I happen to win. :wink:

Friday games are usually a bit ick as far as Hamilton attendance, because there is such a rush after work to get to the GO train as that's the only viable way of getting into Toronto on time.

Still, I'm sure the Argos will finally benefit from a decently attended game because of Hamilton.

Really? I would have to disagree wih you, I was in Toronto last Sunday and my daughter has Jays tickets and wanted to take us, she said there wouldn’t be many people at the game because the Jays are out and the Gardner was closed all weekend.
We go the RC and there are 45,000 fans there, the day before they had 36k.
Labour Day weekend I went to the CNE air show, TFC had a game at BMO and I walked around the outside, they were packed in, another sell out.
The Jays averaged over 30k this season and TFC over 21k, Leafs of course their usual sell outs and the Raptors over 14k. As for the corporate sector, yes with the price of Leafs tickets many are, probably the same with the Raptors

And to be fair to the Raptors - their average was over 18,000 - tenth in the 30 team NBA.

7:00PM Friday is a REAL rush for Ti-Cats fans and right now on Ticketmaster there are a ton of good seat available on the west side of Rogers Centre. Hopefully we get at least 7,000 or 8,000 Cats fans there.

People aren't buying into the Argos for whatever reason, weird to me since the CFL is the best for my money but that's the way it is. :? The good thing though is the Argos being as pitiful attracting fans as they are, not having an effect on the CFL with the new and refurbished stadiums. That's a good sign I say, the rest of the country seems to say "so what" about Toronto, we will all move on. :thup:

Have you guys actually watched a football game at Rogers Centre? It's a terrible venue for CFL football. Can't blame the fans for not going, to be honest. BMO would be awesome. I hope they get it done.

I agree. :thup:

Is this some kind of surprise?
Did the attendance suddenly drop from 28,000 earlier this season to the announced 16,000 yesterday?

This point has been made all season. Have you not been paying attention?

And as for people estimating the "actual" attendance, you heard 8,000 from whom? Someone else on this forum had friends at the game who estimated 12,000. That seems to indicate to me that most people (myself included) can't estimate attendance visually. I always view these estimates with scepticism.

As for raven wood'so point about the Rogers Centre being a terrible place to watch football, if you are a football fan, you will go to watch the game regardless. I do. Do you really think that a new, football-oriented stadium is going to bring the hordes back? Do you really think that people stopped going to games because of the stadium, or just lack of interest in the product.
I think the latter.

Ok we will meet in the middle and call it 10,000 Still an Absolute JOKE for a City of 3 MILLION people !! LIKE i said move
the team where the City/Town will appreciate the CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE ! because it's clear Toronto does not :roll:

I absolutely think it will bring fans back. Sorry, it is a horrid stadium to watch football in, and casual fans are not going to attend many games in it, thus your core will never grow. The dedicated fans...sure, they will for the most part keep going, but that does not help you grow. I don't know how many stadiums I have been in, but it is definitely over 50, and this is hands down the worst viewing experience for the average seat. If the place was somehow packed the atmosphere might make up for that, but looking at the vast emptiness can make 20000 seem like 14000 really fast. You look at the Bombers and the Riders...could they build bigger stadiums? 40k maybe? Sure, but supply and demand has its benefits to. Look at BC...most people LOVED Empire temporary stadium...the atmosphere was amazing. Venue means a lot. You can get away with subpar facilities to some degree, but the viewing experience and atmosphere...that's a massive portion of what draws people in, and the Argos don't have a great one. Combine that with ownership uncertainty for years on end, rotating ownership before that, inflated concession prices, and a sub-500 record, this is the result.

When you have that many empty seats it can be deceiving. If the Argos are going to lie about their numbers they are going to prop them up to over 20000…this makes ZERO sense at all. The attendance was the attendance…people just suck at estimating once a large facility gets more than about 15-20% vacancy.

TSN was insanely careful not to show the stands, it was almost comical but there were a few glimpses and it wasn't pretty. I doubt there was 10 000 fans in there, the other problem with a stadium that empty is that you got to figure a lot of the people are buying lower price tickets and moving once the game starts. I think the message by Argos fans is clear and they are not longer prepared to pay to go watch football CFL or NFL at Rogers. Hard to blame them.

Unless you have watched a football game at the RC, there is no way to understand how bad it is for football. I saw a game where the fans 4 rows in front were on the same level as me. Would you go to a movie if you couldn't see the screen?

You are right HfxTC. The cameras were doing everything possible especially to not show the seating areas on the west side of the stadium. It wasn't terrible on the Argos side - but the odd time one of the hand held cameras on the Argo bench side happened to be at such an angle that you could see the west side of the stadium - the area behind the Edmonton bench was 75% empty over there in the lower bowl even.

At least this week that side will be fuller with a few thousand Cats fans - although 7:00PM on a Friday' is a tough time for Cats fans as it is very tough to work that day in Hamilton and get to Toronto in time for the game. So I'm guessing 6,000 - 8,000 Hamilton fans and more Argos fans than were there yesterday for a total of let's say in the 24,000 range.

Not too mention the seats along the endzone point towards middle of the feild. It truely is a horrible stadium. Suits the city perfectly :wink:

Yup. Not to mention, if the stadium is less than full, any noise disappears. Again, unless you have gone to a game at the RC, there is no way to understand how badly it suits football.