$15M lawsuit filed over stadium delay !

The hits just keep on coming with Winnipegs new Stadium ! It wasn't the weather that caused the delay !

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/14M-lawsuit-filed-over-stadium-delay-188748371.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... 48371.html[/url]

Dominion is claiming that because of construction delays, caused by Structal, not only did the Investors Group Field not open in time for the Blue Bombers to play in last season, but it also alleges the delays also caused water damage to portions of the facility that had been constructed, as well as costing extra to store seats until they could be installed.

well, thats to be expected when you deal with a quebec firm. nothing good comes out of quebec.

Hate doesn't advance society.

Wow...That's a terrible thing to say.

Here is my take on it. The Price of Steel skyrocketed and the structures were re-engineered and rushed by the Engineers to fit in the budget and it was then put out to tender where the contractor who makes the biggest mistake wins the contract, the contractor likely tried to speculate that the price of steel would come down (usually fluctuates) but hasn't since the Auto crash/bailout and lost.

Its not because someone files a lawsuit that their hands are clean. This is an ambitious design, in a very difficult environment (wind) to work at heights and with unrealistic timelines.

Except he didn't say "hate" he said "nothing good comes out of Quebec"
It may be a bit harsh but you can understand the frustration.

The way the price of the stadium is going for another 10 Mil they could have made it a Dome !?


Sure there is, the highway. :slight_smile:

Anything is better than the garbage stadium in Hamilton going up. Plus we still played in OUR city during construction . How much are the Ti cats going to lose this year , playing in front of friends and family ?

We wont lose as much as your 100 million dollor loan plus interest over 25 years :lol:
Whats the interest on 100 million over 25 years ?? Well let me tell you, at 4 % its 4 million a year, and over 25 years = 100 million. So your paying over 300 million, and thats if they pay it off. Good luck with that Winnipeg Tax payers. I heard there not happy in the Peg over that !!

there is always exceptions

False: My french-Canadian mother came from Quebec (God rest her soul) - best mum in the world, AND my wife comes from Drummondville Quebec - married for 23 years, couldn't ask for a better wife and beautiful too! 8)

so sad
No idea why I bite on this cultural racist bs not so veiled hatred. But...

best Canadian culture
people still know how to have fun
strongest in-Canada film industry
Pierre Trudeau
affordable living
still has poetry
live music scene
reminds us of our differences
french, one of our national languages
Quebec City
jean belliveau
mordecai richler
reminds us all about what it means to be a multi-cultural mosaic

you should go there. well....maybe not. stay in Surrey a mecca of all above.

How is it racist?

how is it not?
anyway…its a stupid comment by a guy I’ve read as being off
lets leave it

Just because people have issues and speak out that not racist.

when you wholly categorize a specific community negatively and generally i'd say it follows that prejudice is sniffing around. Maybe I'm wrong... but it be best to let the OP discuss his intentions

Bottom line is hate is hate it does not matter what race or what you speak french or english all should be treated the same just because someone speak french they should not get special treatment.

good sentiment :thup: