15 Yard Penalty For Missed Challenge.

Enough is enough already. This is stupid.

Even though Campbell won that challenge,I bet he doesnt even try a challenge there if he thinks he could lose 15 yards.

Agreed, if you're recommending that teams be penalized for ridiculous challenges. Wasn't watching the game, or at least not closely, so no idea what the issue was this time. But I have seen a few challenges that had no chance of being successful that should never have been requested. There really should be something to discourage that type of action by coaches.

This one was a bang bang play that the coach actually won.
I honrstly dont think he would have risked a 15 yard penalty, it was that close.
At regular speed, it would have been impossible to see the defrnder get there 0.1 seconds too soon.

There is
Loss of a time out
There are still only 2 per team
If the coach wants to waste one that he cant win...so be it

There is that, which would be fine if the challenge were limited to the length of time of a timeout. And I suppose the absolutely ridiculous challenges are quite quick, so maybe that's appropriate.

Challenges used to be 90 seconds....but the fact that it takes so long is no reason to penalize the coach

In fact, when a review takes a long time, it means that the challenge may have legs and the guys are looking at it from a lot of different angles in super slow motion.

The challenges that are determined quickly are the ones that are the actual waste of time.

This is actually one of your best brainstorm ideas.

I agree 100% with the suggestion of a penalty for any lost challenge. Maybe just 10yds though instead of 15yds - - but I'd be fine with either. But definitely has to be more than just a 5yd slap on the wrist.

let the coaches keep their time-outs, and just penalize the unsuccessful challenge the 15 yds

That is a "trade" that might stem the "there had to penalty somewhere" challenges; but 15 seems too much, 10 would accomplish the same.

But the "war room" must be told that they only overturn/impose calls when they can make the decision in 30 seconds or less. The CFL must also clarify that a receiver must have no role in the "ileagal contact" stop stop the nonsense of running right at DBs to cause the contact that later gets reviewed and penalized.

Make it a Delay of game penalty whenever a coach gets a challenge defeated.

This seems like a bad idea when there are already issues with the consistency of reviews. Games this year have already had their results determined by one ticky tack PI call going one way for one team, while a very similar play goes the other way for the opposing team.

This inconsistency has caused a big enough imbalance in the course of the games by itself without throwing in an additional 15 yard penalty against the team that is already on the short end of the command center's stick.

I like.. plus loss of first down.

That's a great backdoor way to ensure no challenge is ever thrown until the stadium screen shows it as being the most flagrant mistake ever.

The net result of that will be teams employing more people to watch replays ASAP then radio down to the coach to throw the flag or not, because the cost of getting it wrong will be too high. It'd also lead to even more forum threads about how close ones were done wrong and it cost the team both a wrong call AND a penalty simply because TSN didn't have the right camera angle.

Honestly folks, after all the complaints about too many penalties, you really want to solve a problem by throwing more penalties at it?