15% off concessions for Season Seat Holders?

During Friday's exciting Ticats win vs the Bombers at their home opener, my wife was told when purchasing water at the concessions, that the 15% discount for season seat holders wasn't being honoured at the game. What made it even worse was that both season seat and non-season seat holder prices were posted at the concession stands. Plus PA announcer Mike Nabuurs was advertising the discount at Tim Hortons Field. This was an issue during the home pre-season game as well. I'm curious if anyone else has had the same experience, and also what are the Ticats going to do about resolving this situation moving forward?

Happened in our section too. They just can't seem to get it right.

I'm still boycotting the concessions, but anyone who experienced this problem might want to complain to the Competition Bureau:

I wrote one email into the team about concessions, they blamed Levy. I was done right then and there

Is that the vendor?


My point has always been the service and disaster called our concessions is a reflection of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. They don’t seem to care so why should we?

Levy is an embarrassment.

TiCats All Access is an embarrassment.

I'm a season ticket holder since 1986 and I still can't get a discount at concessions using their useless app.

It's a joke. Not the funny kind.

Honestly , I almost entirely purchase alcohol at games, with I don't think we get a discount on. I don't bother, especially now that it's an app. If we do get booze discounts , please tell me.

no discount on booze, but you can still use the all access dollars on it, so long as its a permanent concession.

I don’t have a smart phone, so use the card, which cost me $5.00. Have used it at the Ti-Cat Storeand the concessions with no problems as yet. Bought a game jersey, listed for $199, for $122, got discount on concession purchase, although girl did have some problem with the reader thingy.

So, for me, using the card has been good.

  1. Have that TiCat all Access card with over $200 on it. It is the white card !!

Used it at the main bar in the Club Level for a beer and no problem, worked ok !!

Must say, it was a long time employee at the bar.

Then tried using it at another stand to get a big bag of popcorn ($7.50) and asked for my
discount, showing her my white card and she said, Oh, you need the black card for the discount
sir !!! Unbelievable !!! These young idiots don't have a clue what they are doing !! What black card are they talking about ?? No such thing !!

But I blame Levy, and the TiCats for not training these young jokers what to do !! ::slight_smile:

As others have said, the .. with the Cats and Levy, I will eat before I come in to the stadium,
from now on !!

Polish legend hall on Olga st., $4.00 beers any brand, and any liquor brand $4.00 tax
included !!

Complete dinner, perrogies, polish sausage or cabbage rolls .....$7.95 !!!

You make your choice.....THF or the legend !!! ::slight_smile:

Make sure they scan your phone app before punching in your order. If they do it the other way around it doesn't work. (It gives an "invalid card" message or something like that.)