15, 000

nothing will change with this organization until we start to see 15, 000 fans in the stands like a few years back...with 28 000+ at each game there is no need to make changes if they are making money...this team is garbage because of the coaching staff and our qb...Maas has no arm because of his injury a few years ago and no one in the ticat organization can see this...he is crap, the coaching is crap, THE ORGANIZATION IS CRAP!!! the next games there will be a huge decrease in people there because people are fed up of this...I am going to next weeks game to witness myself how few people are there and to boo this team off the field until someone listens, if everyone boos maybe they will get a little fired up and feel like playing some football!

Sorry pal, but when there is soooo many promo tix out there, the only way you will get 15000 is if the season tix holders, (you know the people who pay full price to see this crap)...stay away.

other than that i agree with you 100%.

i know 5 people sitting beside me with season tickets that i guarantee will not be at next weeks game

The trouble is , every disgruntled fan will be there to see how many disgruntled fans are staying away :roll: :wink: :roll: :wink:

if thats the case then we need to have our voices heard and boo this team off the field every 2 and out!

boooooooooooooo.....just getting ready for next week! :slight_smile:

Don't get me wrong, I agree with most of what is being said and I am utterly unimpressed with this team and am embarassed to be a TiCat fan right now, but if you look at our record, where we seem to do a heck of a lot better on the road (not withstanding tonight of course), has it occured to anyone that it might have a little something to do with the 28 000+ "fans" BOOING them for 3 hours every other week? Maybe if we try supporting this team (by which I mean faking it since I KNOW there isn't much to support) then maybe they will show the effort they do in other stadiums where they don't have people booing them. Of course, they're not being booed there because the fans are just happy that their team is winning...
It's just a thought, all be it a desprete, searching for something, anything, kind of thought, but a thought none the less. Don't jump all over me for this, I know it won't go over well with anyone, and I know why they're being booed, believe me, I can't find much else to say about them either, so I'll just call this a stupid thought and save you all the trouble.

thing is no one has been booing because for one...we have only player 4 home games and last game was the first where i actually hear people booing, and two you can't hear any booing because of the sound system (I think I know why it is soo loud now)

Can anyone tell me, without saying something stupid, what good can possibly come from booing the home team?

(Warning: this is a trick question, based on the underlined section.)

You can REALLY hear the booing on TV, it has been at least the last 2 or 3 home games that it can be heard very clearly...

thank god some people can hear it…maybe the people up in the press box must be wearing ear plugs, or need hearing aids!

you can hear the boos from the smoking area under the stands where I have spent the last two games socializing...good thing I haven't missed any football

i guess its hard to hear all of the other people booing when the people around me are all doing it, and the speaker system blaring at 100%

Do you really think the booing will have any positive effect on the players.
I have heard a lot of booing in the past, but what has been so disheartening to me and the players is the fickle fans who start to boo so soon when we have two, two and outs asin say the second quarter of the Argo game.
While it is easy to ignore stupid yells from imbiciles who start drinking at 11:00 am on a Sat morning for a 7:30 game, to hear a cheering turn to a booing (boozing) one at the first opportunity might just p*ss them off.
I sit in box I, and the guys that start the booing are NOT the ones doing the cheering. It seems they come solely for the opportunity to boo and booze.
I can't think of any other team that has such a collection of boors, or should I say boo(e)rs or boo(ze)rs :wink:
At times it is embarrasing to be a Hamiltonian.

...actually, most times it's embarrassing to be a Hamiltonian.


Yossarian should have caught this one.

Am tired of being accused of being a fickle fan, because i boo. I pay good money for my seats, i expect that this team at least puts out a decent effort out there. Have been a season subscriber for over 20 years, so think I can boo anytime I want, if they don’t play with some intensity. I know you are going to have the odd bad game, is only normal, but week in aand week out… is geeting a bit too ridiculous.

YEAH!!! let's show what great fans we are by practising our "Booin techniques!" that'll entice some whopping free agent signings too....

ok the reasoning behind the boooing i call it jeering. Booing starts when week in and week out the same guys making the same mistake over and over.

These men practice and review game film prior to the next game. A lot of effort and consentration goes into these practices. If a team looses, there is no need to boo them. Each game has that out come, a winner and a looser.

But when you can see there readiness to the game, it angers the guy paying his salary. These guy are supposed to be dedicated to the game , are they.........

I bet if their pay reflected their play, you'd see a big change in attitude.

Gust because people drink, not all are drunks.

oppps Just. you get the picture