15,000 seats is a JOKE!!!!

I wrote this to Rob Faulkner from The Spec in response to the "New 15,000 seat stadium" that's being reported by..........EVERYONE!!!

Hi, I just read your article on the new stadium for Hamilton. So let me get this straight....it's only going to be 15,000 seat capacity? Please tell me that's the prelim number? Bob Young is going to spot the rest for 30,000? Or, Jim Balsille will want 30,000 for his new NHL team?????
15,000 IS A JOKE! This city's Cats fans will be embarrassed. Keep Ivor Wynne and renovate but, please say it's not going to be a 15,000 seat stadium.

A worried Ti-Cat fan

What do you Cats fans think??? WHATS GOING ON?

Have you even read anything leading up to today>. The Government is funding for 15000 and the city (if voted) and the Cats and partners will fund the remaining to bring it to 27000

The article was a little confusing though in the fact that it said something along the lines of the 15,000 seat stadium could be renovated to 25-27,000 in time for the 2015 games. What I took from it was that without the Cats the city could build a 15,000 seat stadium with a track for the games without the Cats even being a permantent tenant.