14 Second Clock?

Can someone explain this to me?

Edmonton leads 16-13 and are deep in the Cats end 3rd and short, they line up as if they are going for it, the ref blows time in, the 20 second clock starts. Edmonton change their minds and want to go for a field goal. The ref tells the time keeper to stop the play clock at 14 seconds while Edmonton sets up. Play is called in and Edmonton calls a time out with a second left.

Am I missing something, but once the play is called in the offensive team has 20 seconds to get the play off or they use their time out if they don't want a penalty. If they play clock should not have been started then the ref tells the time keeper to reset the clock to 20 seconds. I have never seen it stopped with the time remaining. Inessence, Edmonton was give two timeouts.

agree completely, we were trying to figure out how that happened. I dont get it.

That play was a bee in my bonnet as well. The clock should have ticked down and the Eskies should have then received the “time-count violation”.

That play took an extra 14 seconds away from us once they let it tick down to the time-count.

Thanks again Jake.

Under the rules, time will stop on "mass substitutions", however usually these substitutions happen before the play is blown in.

Substitutions are allowed until the offensive team breaks the huddle, and after that they are severely restricted.

Edmonton decided to initiate a "mass substitution" after the time had been blown in. However they are still entitled to the clock stopping in this situation. They are just not given any extra time on the play clock.

Had this substitution happened before the referee blew the play in, it would've taken the exact same amount of time to administer.

Yes....agree 100%. Essentially they gave them 2 timeouts.

The stupid thing about it is that after the officials stopped the clock and allowed them to bring the field goal unit on, they re-started the play clock at 14 seconds and then the field goal unit called a timeout with one second left. Why didn't they just keep the offence on the field and then call the timeout? The exact same thing would've happened. They would've killed their 20 seconds, taken a timeout and then tacked on the three points.

But instead, they for no apparent reason stopped the clock and allowed them to switch their unit. Made no sense but didn't change anything in the long run.

Well Jake... IF that is in fact the rule, then this is just another rule to add to the list of things that should change for next year, cuz that's crap.