Is it going to be retired or something? Not one person has worn it since danny mac. I would assume that timmy chang would have wore it considering he wore it in college. I devserves to be retired though.

no it’s just like why the always wait a few seasons before someone takes the number of a marqee player it took quite sometime before wayne smith came and took winfields jersey number

The retired numbers thing...we have a TON of numbers that could be retired arguably before #14 even, 26 (Henley), 68 (Mosca), 61 (Barrow), 77 (Covington/Patterson/Gabriel) , and 1 (Winfield) for starters.

If ANY number other than Faloney's #10 is to be retired, let it be for Mosca. That is where my heart is, but I'm old school. LOL

I'm comfortable with the team's policy until they break out the decimal numbers or Roman ones, then retire the lot of them! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,