14 Proposed NFL Rule Changes

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25520877/the-nfl-is-considering-some-major-rule-changes-14-things-to-know]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-foo ... gs-to-know[/url]

Some of the wording in the article for each of the proposals is a bit much, but the article has all the details if you are curious. Here's a rundown, my vote, and some thoughts on the more relevant of the proposed rules to be voted on this week.

During this coming week, 24 of 32 owners must approve any given proposal in order for that proposal to become a new rule.

For those proposed rules that could be applicable to Canadian football, my vote would be the same too.

Sorely overlooked is that there is no proposal to clear up the definition of a catch! :thdn:


  1. All touchbacks from free kicks, as in on a kickoff or safety kick, will be at the 25-yard line.

The Canadian football rules are so much better in this regard given the action on all kickoffs.

  1. The new extra point rule in place for the 2015 will be made permanent.

  2. Automatic ejection for a player who receives two violent personal foul penalties in one game.

Finally they would borrow from rugby and soccer to get this one right.

  1. All personal foul penalties will be reviewable.

  2. All chop blocks will be illegal.

  3. A quarterback who goes to ground can remain a runner if he gets up untouched, but he can no longer throw a forward pass -- aka The Peyton Manning Rule.

  4. No overtime in preseason games.

  5. Add penalty yards to the distance needed for a first down even when a team is penalized only half the distance to the goal. In this way, no matter where a team is on the field, all penalty yardage is assessed.

  6. Expand the number of active, dressed players on game day from 46 to 48.

6) Each team will have three challenges.

So we can slow down the blasted, somewhat ineffective replay system and games even more!? NO!

6B) All plays can be challenged!

Ditto and no!

  1. Video access on the sidelines instead of merely still photos. I'm going to say nay to full access, but I would consider limited access such as for perhaps only the previous play. That play usually is visible on the jumbotron at times and in the press box anyway.

Any others not listed above.

I can't believe they did not define the catch after all the craziness the last two seasons in the NFL .

I still think the QB should be touched if he falls to the ground with the ball . All the rest of the possible rule changes seem fine .