14 New Signings !

Didn't know that. What's his salary? I find it difficult to believe that he'd be better paid as a mechanical engineer than as an All-Star lineman on a perennial Grey Cup contender, but who knows? Maybe he's minting money as an engineer. If he is, though, it's still not likely that he'd retire. He knows he only has a finite amount of time to be a football player. He has the rest of his life to be an engineer if that's what he wants. He still plays at a very high level, he's had no major injuries, and he plays on an offense that has been the model of stability over the past four years. Why leave that?

Well that's the thing. If the Als are trying to sign him for 75k or something like that, he might as well sign for 75k anywhere he can find work in his field and start getting ready for his "second life". Saskatchewan is in dire need to rebuild their line. All depends what the Als are offering him but it isn't uncommon for the Als to seek pay reduction from veterans...

Veterans take pay reductions if their production drops off. Flory is still an elite offensive lineman, one of the best guards in the league IMO. I doubt Popp would try to lowball him. All that said, we have so much depth on the o-line that we could withstand losing Flory in the unlikely event he retires or signs elsewhere.

Flory lives here year round on the West Island, and unless the Als are low-balling him, which I seriously doubt, I expect Flory to shortly be signed. They found a way to keep Bourke, they will find a way to keep Flory.

And if he leaves, he`ll be back in a week anyways, and all it will cost us is a 1st round draft choice. :smiley:

Obviously if SSK throws huge money at Flory, we won't be able to match, but that's pro football. One need only look at Cobourne to see that chasing absolute top dollar doesn't always pan out. Hamilton just signed Martell Mallett, which doesn't bode well for Avon retaining his starter's position under a new HC and offensive coordinator.

Oh I agree with you. It just dosen't make sense that he's not signed. Obviously there is an issue. If he had been offered the same money he's been making. He would have signed I think.

I predicted last year this would happen...

I know you did, despite the rantings and ravings of Jim Popp’s fiercest competition. :wink:

From an outsider’s perspective, the hardest part of being a GM would seem to be exactly what Popp does well: knowing when to extend a veteran and when to cut ties, even when the player would seem to have one or two good years left. Considering how well Whitaker did for us in 2011, I’d say Popp made the right decision. Yet again. :slight_smile:

Popp has low balled veterans in the past (Lambert comes to mind).
True Flory has had solid seasons, but I would not put it past Popp in trying to get Flory signed for less money using age as his reason. Flory if not mistaken was making over $100k.

And as a Mechanical engineer, six figure salary is not unheard of.

Jim is a straight shooter, he's not gonna offer a 3 year deal to a guy if he thinks the contract isn't worth the paper it is written on. In cases where he knows the player's role will change (Anwar was an anomaly) he offers the player to restructure his deal.

According to Herb-ALS INSIDE/OUT BLOG- Tim Maypray has been released. Confirmed by Jim Popp.

I don't worry/lose sleep about Scott Flory coming back. Like any negotiations,there are issues but these issues will be settled. Jim thinks in terms of the team whereas Scott/each player thinks more about him. Scott is earning in the vicinity of $120,000. Jim may want to leave it-salary- as is or reduce slightly whereas Scott probably wants a raise. Maybe they don't aggre on the second year,etc. Scott won't go anywhere.


Tim Maypray is no longer on the off-season roster.


Saw this coming with the signing of Trenton Guy. That kid is awesome. As long has he does not get intimidated he will be a blast to watch.

Won't matter who we have at KR if the blocking doesn't improve. Whether that's a personnel issue, a coaching issue, or both is still up for discussion. All I know is that in 2011, I rarely saw our KR receive an initial first block that would allow him to accelerate and hit the open lanes with authority.

We'll be fine. Ruttan is an awesome ST tackler. Shea is healthy and we'll have some more fresh blood on ST this year. Mcknight might even be able to improve our punt teams, he's like an extra cover guy on kicking teams.

I expect Tim Maypray to sign with Hamilton or Edmonton. I say Hamilton. Will he haunt us? Would not be surprised.


From Drew Edwards of the Hamilton Spectator`s blog:

"What does this mean for Cobourne? I believe the Ticats will try and trade him otherwise he'll be released in the not to distant future so he can catch on with another club. There's simply no way the team will carry two No.1 backs: it doesn't make sense financially or from a football perspective."

Hope Avon`s bonus last year was a large one.

I wrote basically the same,on Tiger-Cats forum at 14:20 hours. tcmIke asked "if I had seen the books"? He added "let's wait and see before we make assumptions". Why would a team trade for him? Avon is gone ,from the Tiger-Cats and/or the League,unless he accepts a 50% to 60% pay reduction. He must/will regret leaving the Als.

Good luck to him and his wife and child.


Right now, the big signing I want to see is our new DC, whoever he may be. Assuming we don't hire internally, it's going to be exciting to have a fresh perspective on our defensive personnel, schemes, and formations. Hopefully Popp and Trestman can get the new guy hired soon so he can start rebuilding the defensive unit.

My predictions.

1- We promote coach Sinclair
2- Avon comes back at a reduced salary
3- No major overhauls to defense. Just tweaks along the dline