14 New Signings !

All in one big bunch...

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Ohhhh I like this Ventrell Jenkins :slight_smile:

[url=http://www.aseaofblue.com/2011/11/1/2531310/kentucky-wildcats-memory-lane-ventrel-jenkins-decapitates-ecu-defender]http://www.aseaofblue.com/2011/11/1/253 ... u-defender[/url]

Trent Guy... First class returner... I guess Kerry Carter wasn't kidding when he said Popp meant business..


Sportscenter Top 10 video


Good stuff! Popp getting back to work. :rockin:

Put him in at fullback. :smiley:

Good to see Popp & Co. back in business, although Im sure hes been plugging away all along despite the Colts interview interruption.

Now the spotlight is on Trestman to shore up the coaching staff, and I also think he`s been hard at work despite his NFL ambitions.

Good signings.

6 players,excluding Eric Deslauriers, -Tremaine Johnson,Sidney Srewart,Daunte Akra,Daryl Townsend,Anthony Barrette and Blaine Ruttan -were on the off-season roster since December 18,2011 but not officially announced.

Vince Anderson and Travon Patterson were on the practice roster,in October 2011.

The "new' players are: Reed Alexander,Michael Carter,Chris Hodgson,Trent Guy and Ventrell Jenkins.

There are now 75 players on the off-season roster,i.e. 41 imports and 34 non-imports. These numbers exclude Tad Crawford who has retired.

We are 3 players off-the limit of players-75- that could be on off-season roster; Alexander,Barrette and Ruttan don't have to be counted in this 75 player limit. Soon,some veterans will be released.


So that leaves Scott Flory, Mark Estelle, Jeff Robertshaw & Jermaine McElveen as possible FA.

I wish Scott signs soon !

You have to add Walter Spencer and Paul Woldu.

I say that Scott Flory will be the next potential free agent to sign. I have doubts with the otherr,except Paul Woldu.


As I wrote yesterday, since we are close to the limit of players-75- that can be on off-season roster, I expect that some veterans will be released/won't be re-signed in the next weeks/month;as many as 10 players could be off the off-season roster. They are:
Dwight Anderson-DB,I-Attitude. I expect a lot from rookie Vince Anderson.-DB,I- He can play at S,DB and CB.
Mark Estelle-CB,I- Injury.
Michael Giffin.-RB,N- Often injured. If not re-signed by their team, Stuart Foord-I wish- or Samuel Fournier could be signed by the Als.
Kitwana Jones.- DE,I- Paid too much for a special team player. Daunte Akra will replace him.
Jermaine McElveen.-DE,I- We could try to sign him. Has not progressed in last year,although was often a healthy scratch.
Jeff Robertshaw.-DE,N- Often injured. Unless Winnipeg re-sign him, we can/may try to sign Donald Oramasionwu.-DT,N-. Would be an excellent addition.
Walter Spencer.-LB,N- Age,salary and depth in Brouillette,Dublanko and Surla. Suttain can also play LB as Hecth.
Anwar Stewart.-DE,I- Age.End of the line.A search for a dominant DE is a must. Chris Wilson?
Kerry Watkins.-WR,I- Unless he accepts to restructure his contract/take a 20% to 30% pay reduction,he will not be back.
Paul Woldu.-DB,N- We will try to keep him,although his demands may be higher than what we are willing to pay.


Should be 11 players rather than ten. I forgot to include Eric Wilson.
Eric Wilson.-DT,I- Age and not worth was he was paid. We have as import DT: Jenkins,Johnson and Hopkins. I expect no less than 2 more signings,as DT,and as much as 4.


sure. now that the nfl doors are firmly shut behind him and Trestman.

I doubt very much he got all that done by himself in a week. This is a result of constant work. Still have to come to terms with Scott Flory...

still have pictures of me and Scott with the Cup at Cunningham's last January. He was there with Jeff Perrett raising funds for Tony Proudfoot. My mom took the pics. When she worked at the Gazette as salesperson in 1999, she got the call from a young rookie named Flory asking to be subscribed to that paper. She was never a football fan but she knew he played for the alouettes.

wouldn't be surprised if scott chose to retire. we'll see.

Why would Scott Flory decide to retire at 35? He is an All-Star and never been seriously injured.

As I wrote on a few occasions, I am positive that he will be back,for no less than two more years, and would not be surprised if his return is confirmed this week.


Flory is also making good coin in the CFL, more than he'll make when he does retire. As Richard noted, he's healthy, a perennial All-Star, and a major component of an excellent offense. I don't think he has any reason to retire, frankly.

Hopefully you are correct. However according to CJAD, Flory said at an annual charity basketball game this weekend that he and the Als are nowhere near close to a deal.

Not surprised by this at all.

That makes me feel better. :slight_smile:

The man is a Mechanical Engineer.