14 games to go. Things are OK

I understand that part of the purpose of this forum is to be critical of the team and to analyze ( to death) all phases of the team, but I think people need to remember that the season still has 14 games to go. During our 0-8 start last year, we were not only a bad team, but one of the worst teams I have ever watched. I turned off at least 3 games at halftime , and I am a fan for 40 years and I have never done that before. All this talk about “loosing culture” drives me nuts. June Jones, does not bring a loosing philosophy or culture to this team.
So far this year I see a very competitive team that seems to have the potential to have the best offence, and the best defense in the league. (It has been 20 years since I could say that)
We also have a very good kicker , who is arguably the best in the league.
Also, we have couches that the players seem to really like and that have an incredible amount of football experience and knowledge. Do you not think they are working their butts off to fix things?
We also have a starting quarterback, that if he can clean up some of the bonehead mistakes, and he has shown in some games that he can, has MOP potential.
We also have a backup QB that if needed, could potentially be a very good (great?) player as well.
I think we should be battling for first in the East all year and could win at least 11 games this year.
I would take this situation every year in a heartbeat.
July 19th seems soooo far away!
Go Cats.